The Worcester Greenstar 35CDi Classic System Boiler Review

The 35CDi is the largest and most powerful boiler in Worcester’s range of system boilers.

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Yet despite its power, the 35CDi is one of the most efficient and durable boilers available. If you’re looking for the next boiler to heat your property that has a large heat load, or high hot water usage, then it’s very likely the 35CDi is for you.

We recommend contacting us today as we can help you decide on the perfect boiler fit for your home. This is important because an incorrectly sized boiler can lead to either, heating inefficiency, or cold showers. Read on below to find out more.

Features and Benefits

  • Highly Efficient & Economical
  • aquaCOMFORT Warm Start Feature
  • Awarded Quiet Mark Approval
  • Compact Dimensions
  • 2 Stage Frost Protection System
  • Up To 89.2% Efficiency Rating
  • Lifetime Guarantee with our HFB Cover Plan

How It Works

The Greenstar range of boilers from Worcester are considered the best in the business. In fact Which? (the independent, not-for-profit organization) have awarded them Best Buy status for 4 years running. It’s hard to argue with that.

Efficiency and long term performance have been made the priority with the 35CDi, and rightly so. With 60% of energy use in the UK coming from the boiler, it pays to be as efficient as possible. In fact, upgrading to this A-Rated boiler could save you more than £300 per year on your gas bill. In addition to this, you will reduce your carbon footprint significantly by upgrading.

What You Need to Know

Hassle Free Boilers can install this boiler in 1-2 working days. One thing our customers frequently comment on is the quality of service our engineers give. This is because we only employ full time, Gas Safe Registered engineers who are often locally based. Please contact us today to know more.

This is a stylish, compact, quiet boiler. It’s high efficiency and dependability speak for themselves and if you are looking for the next boiler for your large property get in contact to arrange an initial survey. Alternatively you could view the range of Worcester open-vent boilers starting with the 15ri.

Unlike the popular combi boilers that heat water on demand, system boilers store water, usually in storage tanks in the loft and deploy that water when needed. This has the advantage that there is no loss of pressure when more than one hot water tap is running, but there is a slight loss of efficiency that comes from storing hot water.