The Worcester Greenstar 28 CDi Compact Combi Boiler Review

When looking for a new boiler for your home you want to make sure it is perfect for your household requirements.

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It is never any good to simply settle for a boiler model that will not do what you need it to and end up costing your household more in energy bills. (See the larger Worcester 32CDi Compact Combi Boiler Here). However, not just any combi boiler out there has various environmental benefits.

This is where the Worcester 28CDi Compact stands out from the competition. With its new hot water pre-heat feature which allows the boiler to be used in combination with other heat sources. This is great news for those already having or looking into getting solar thermal systems. Using this new environmental benefit and knowing that the boiler comes with A-rated efficiency at 90.5%, it is no surprise that households can expect vastly reduced energy bills every month.

Features and Benefits

  • Quiet & Efficient Greenstar Model
  • No Risk Of Frozen Pipes
  • Over 15 Million Greenstar Boilers Already Fitted
  • Hot Water On Demand
  • No Hot & Cold Water Storage Tanks Needed
  • Ultra-compact Space Saving Boiler
  • Lifetime Guarantee with our HFB Cover Plan

How It Works

Worcester 28CDi Compact is a compact boiler perfect for apartments and even small houses. Heating a two bedroom property with ease, you never have to feel the cold again with this boiler. The boiler has achieved 3 credits under the Code for Sustainable Homes so you can heat your home all year round without harming the environment as much as traditional heating systems.

Every household wants complete control over their heating systems, to know that their home will be heated perfectly even when they are not around. However, everyone has a different opinion on what classes as enough heat. With the Worcester 28CDi Compact households are able to fix the maximum heating temperature of the system.

This means that no matter how much someone in the home keeps turning that dial the temperature will never exceed the maximum setting you have chosen. Coming with a 5 year guarantee the boiler is a long term flawless heating and hot water system that is under your complete control.

What You Need to Know

The Worcester 28CDi Compact is a true vision of environmental boilers. The precision engineered WB7 heat exchanger reduces raw material that is used during manufacturing. But that is not where it stops. The entire boiler and all its components are 100% recyclable.

For those homeowners that don’t wish to have their boiler on show for everyone to see the Worcester 28CDi Compact can be simply installed into a standard kitchen cupboard even without ventilation. Like this it just blends into the background, keeping your kitchen just the way you had envisaged it.

So why not contact us to discuss if this model is right for your home and learn about some of our pricing options. Engineers can ensure that your house achieve the very best standard of heating and hot water. Starting by mapping out your home layout and your personal needs our engineers will ensure that your system is plumbed in perfectly to suit you and your environmental household.

Quick and effortlessly, our fitters will have your boiler fitted in no time at all and with as little as possible inconvenience to you. Your environmental heating lifestyle can start now.