The Worcester Greenstar 18i System Boiler Review

Are you for one of the most efficient system boilers on the the market?

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A boiler that could save you £300+ on your gas bill each year, and continue to do so for the next 15 years? If you live in a mid-sized dwelling and are looking to replace your boiler then the Greenstar 18i system boiler could be the ideal choice for you.

Please either contact us today to speak with one of our heating consultants who will help you choose the correct sized boiler, or continue reading below as we explain some of the main distinguishing features of the category leading 18i. If you’re looking for a slightly larger sized model then also have a look at the 24i page.

Features and Benefits

  • Quiet & Efficient Greenstar Model
  • No Risk Of Frozen Pipes
  • Over 15 Million Greenstar Boilers Already Fitted
  • Hot Water On Demand
  • No Hot & Cold Water Storage Tanks Needed
  • Ultra-compact Space Saving Boiler
  • Lifetime Guarantee with our HFB Cover Plan

How It Works

Worcester-Bosch have built the 18i with performance, reliability and longevity in mind, so long after you will have re-couped the initial cost of install by gas bill savings, your boiler will still be up and running. Hassle Free Boilers only use Gas Safe Registered, full-time employees of Hassle Free Boilers, although they may often be local to your area. This means you can expect the highest standards of installation on your next boiler, all completed within 1-2 days.

Worcester’s range of Greenstar System boilers are all registered by the Energy Saving Trust, so you know that switching to this A-Rated boiler will not only save you money on your gas bill but also reduce the carbon emissions of your home quite significantly. After all, 60% of home energy use in the UK is from the boiler.

What You Need to Know

Which? have awarded these Greenstar boiler ‘Best Buy’ status, reflecting our sentiment that these are great boiler. Their stylish yet compact exterior can fit neatly into most kitchen spaces whilst looking great. The 18i is also a particularly quiet runner. SAP seasonal efficiency rating is the highest in the group, coming in at 90.1%.

System boilers store hot water, in a storage tank usually located in the loft. This allows you to run more than one hot water tap at a time without risking any loss in water pressure. This is unlike the combi boiler that heats water on demand but you may notice a loss in pressure. The advantage of the combi boiler is that there is no need to take up space with a storage tank. Which system you use depends on your house, and hot water usage habits. Our engineers will help you decide if you’re not yet sure, or think a different system to your current one may suit your lifestyle needs better.