The Worcester Greenstar 25Si Compact Combi Boiler Review

Older model boilers may only be 60% efficient, whereas the Greenstar 25si is up to 90.5% efficient, meaning upgrading your boiler could drastically reduce your energy bills.

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Keep in mind that roughly 60% of your home energy usage comes from the boiler, so an efficient boiler can make a huge difference.

The 25si Compact is slighlty smaller than most boilers of an equivalent power rating, but this doesn’t subtract from it’s efficiency-performance and durability. If you are on the market for a larger boiler then have a look at the Worcester Bosch 28i combi boiler instead.

Features and Benefits

  • Highly Efficient & Economical
  • aquaCOMFORT Warm Start Feature
  • Awarded Quiet Mark Approval
  • Compact Dimensions
  • 2 Stage Frost Protection System
  • Up To 89.2% Efficiency Rating
  • Lifetime Guarantee with our HFB Cover Plan

How It Works

Worcester are one of the leading boiler manufacturers, and their range of combi boilers are some of the most efficient and reliable on the market (along with Vaillant.) If you’re not yet sure which boiler system suits your home then consider that a combi boiler is smaller, and generally easier to install. They are considered more efficient as water isn’t stored, but heated on demand.

The biggest downside, though, is that with more than one hot water faucet running at a time, you will experience a significant loss of water pressure. Combi boilers save space because they don’t need hot water storage in the loft. It really depends on the number of occupents, the number of bathrooms and your hot water usage habits, as to whether a combi boiler is right for your home.

More About The 25si Compact Boiler

The Worcester 25si Compact comes with a sleek LCD boiler display allows for anyone in the household to monitor just what the heating system is doing. With its EMS-BUS compatibility the Worcester 25si Compact is able to be used with Worcester’s intelligent control series. This allows home-owners to be in complete control of their heating and water system without a single worry.

Coming with a 5 year guarantee the boiler is a long term flawless heating and hot water system that is under your complete control. It is possible with the Worcester 25si Compact to monitor and change not only the output of your heating but also your hot water. Wanting to have your home lovely and warm before you arrive? It is all possible and achievable under your control with our effective systems.

Please contact us today to know more, and get help deciding if this model of boiler is right for you. Engineers can ensure that your house achieve the very best standard of heating and hot water. Starting by mapping out your home layout and your personal needs our engineers will ensure that your system is plumbed in to suit you. Your boiler will be fitted in no time and your home perfectly heated all year round without worrying about the energy bills every month. So find your boiler today.

What You Need to Know

Worcester has built their Greenstar range of boilers with efficient combustion performance and reliability in mind, and with these two aspects of the boiler, you won’t be disappointed. The real question you need to ask is what is the right sized combi boiler for me. We would also recommend looking at the Vaillant range of boilers, but please contact us if you need help deciding on the size. Our engineers will walk you through some heat load calculations to determine the optimum size.

Overall, the Greenstar 25si Compact comes highly recommended (we wouldn’t install it otherwise.) It’s compact design, SAP efficiency, and intuitive controls make it one of the most desirable combi boilers on the market. If you’re looking to upgrade your boiler, reduce your gas bills, reduce your carbon footprint and have a reliable boiler that very rarely needs servicing and repairs than this could be an excellent option for you.

Finding that perfect boiler, that doesn’t cost a fortune to run and isn’t expensive right from the offset, is never easy. For those that are low on space in their homes, the task is made just that much harder by the typical boilers on show. However, those problems are solved with the Worcester 25si Compact.

It is the ultimate boiler for small to medium properties to be heated perfectly even in the coldest of months. Your family never have to worry about feeling the chill or being faced with a huge energy bill every month. With the Worcester 25si Compact’s A-rated efficiency a household energy bill is cut at very least in half. Of course it does all this without reducing its productivity providing 25kw of central heating output.

All the effective heating of a much better system in one neatly compact unit, which is perfect for those homes with very little space for their heating system. The Worcester 25si Compact is specifically designed and manufactured to ensure that installation is easier and quicker for all those involved. Coming supplied with its own unique split jig design allows wall-mounting to be completed effortlessly. It even allows the fitters to swiftly pre-plumb all the piping connections before the boiler is fitted. Of course all pipes are easily hidden behind its robust wall mounting frame.

For those homeowners that don’t wish to have their boiler on show for everyone to see the Worcester 25si Compact can be simply installed into a standard kitchen cupboard even without ventilation. Like this it just blends into the background, keeping your kitchen just the way you had envisaged it.