Worcester Bosch Greenstore Cylinders Review

Here’s where the Worcester Bosch premium brand comes in. The brand provides a variety of reliable unvented cylinders with extra long guarantees to boot.

Combining a system boiler, with an unvented cylinder has the potential of supplying your property with unlimited hot water. As long as you have adequate water pressure, you’ll never have to worry about water running out.

Some of the benefits of fitting a system boiler with unvented cylinders include:

  • Fantastic water pressure
  • More energy efficiency and
  • Unlimited supply of heating and hot water

The Worcester Bosch Greenstore stainless steel range comes with 7-levels of hot water capacity. It provides swift re-heating times with excellent heat retention capabilities. This helps keep your water at the ready on mains pressure. They can be a pricey investment but are worth every cent.

About Worcester Bosch Group

The Worcester Bosch brand is known to be of the highest quality in the market and is often awarded the ‘Best Buy’ award for its products. The company also has a Royal Warrant for supplying boilers to the Royal Estate of Sandringham.

How to Choose the Best Cylinder for Your Home

Direct or Indirect?

The cylinder uses this method to heat water. An external boiler is the main source of heat for cylinders that use an indirect system. The boiler fuel is either gas or solar energy. Directly heated cylinders use an internal immersion water heater powered by electricity, to heat water. If your home lacks electricity, gas is the next best option.

Indirect systems are the preferred choice for most households. But you run the risk of losing access to hot water if the boiler should fail. To avoid this, many homes opt for an indirectly heated cylinder that has an immersion heater as back up.

What’s the Best Capacity?

You need to balance between a cylinder with enough capacity for your home’s hot water needs, and ensuring it’s not too big to avoid energy wastage. A qualified installer can advise you on the best capacity that suits your home needs.


Cylinders that are well insulated are able to store hot water longer. Some cylinders come with insulation such as foamed polyurethane. You can also buy jackets and foam tubing to maximize heat retention.

Expansion Unit

Water increases in volume as it heats up in the cylinder. Vented cylinders’ water expands into the vent pipe to prevent pressure building up.

Unvented cylinders as the name suggests have no vent pipe. Some cylinders control the excess pressure by having an external expansion unit. Others use an internal air bubble created at installation.

Worcester Greenstore Cylinder Range

Hassle Free Boilers has an extensive range of Worcester Greenstore Cylinders, available at pocket-friendly prices. This range gives you top-notch performance in comparison to other unvented cylinder ranges in the market. The range includes various cylinders that are compatible with solar panel systems.

Worcester Greenstore Single Coil (SC)

This mains pressure unvented hot water storage cylinders, offer better hot water performance for UK heating systems. It’s available with capacities ranging from 90 to 300 litres.

The new Greenstore SC series offers a high-efficiency cylinder in combination with an established range of Greenstar gas or oil-fired condensing boilers.

When upgrading a hot water cylinder in isolation, the Greenstore cylinder series is compatible with any pre-existing gas or oil-fired boiler.

Each cylinder is dispatched from the factory with the important equipment and safety devices to ensure compliance with G3 of the Building Regulations.

It also maintains the appearance and finish identical with other appliances within the Worcester Bosch Group portfolio. The quality steel construction, gives each cylinder a guarantee of 25 years.

The introduction of the Greenstore SC series is meant to complement the manufacturer’s Greenstore Twin Coil (TC) cylinder series. Its design incorporates the Greenskies solar thermal product series and Greenstar gas or oil-fired boiler.

Why Choose an Unvented Cylinder?

Unvented cylinders are the best replacement for older low efficiency vented cylinders. Vented cylinders are gravity fed through a cold water cistern. This is in contrast to unvented cylinders which operate at mains pressure and offer higher performance and greater siting flexibility. This means you don’t need to install it under a cold water cistern.

Swift and Simple Installation

  • The Greenstore range of Single and Twin coil models are designed with industry standard fittings and wiring settings. This provides a certain level of familiarity when it comes to installation. As a result, the installation process is faster, as less time is wasted familiarizing with the components, connections, and wiring.Installing in conjunction with an A-Rated Worcester Greenstar System Boiler is advisable. Using the optional diverter valve kit will further reduce the installation process time.

Benefits of Greenstore Unvented Cylinders

This cylinders’ construction from stainless steel and insulation with environmentally friendly EPS foam is ideal for maximum heat retention. Note that cheaper copper cylinders are poorly insulated. This results in greater heat loss which needs to be compensated by the boiler to maintain hot water temperatures. This straining of the boiler translates to higher energy costs.

Some of the standout features of Greenstore unvented cylinders include:

  • Comes with factory-installed G3 temperature and pressure relief valve
  • Can be fitted with other boiler brands
  • Includes 3kw immersion water heater
  • Meets and exceeds standards of Building Regulations 2010 Part 1
  • Each cylinder is 570mm in diameter. This ensures it will fit through a standard airing cupboard door.

Advantages of Unvented Cylinders

There’s no need for a cold water tank in the attic, as they get their water supply directly from the mains.

They’re compact enough to be installed anywhere in your home, and generally provide stronger water flow.

Since no water tank is required, the system is sealed, and this helps prevent contamination.

There are various reasons for choosing an unvented cylinder for your large property. Excellent water pressure, greater energy efficiency, unlimited heating and hot water are some of the standout benefits. The reliability of Worcester Bosch Greenstore unvented cylinder range is complemented by its strong brand and reasonable price.