Viessmann Vitodens 50kw Boiler Part BPJD030 BPJD031

The Viessmann Vitodens 050-W combi boiler is a wall mounted combination boiler for domestic use.

It’s suitable for both heating and hot water. This boiler is popular with UK homeowners due to its high quality and reasonable price. Which Magazine endorses the 50w model Its heat output is available in 2 options:

  • 5.9kW – 29.3kW
  • 8kW – 35kW

For the 29kW model, the hot water flow rate from your taps will be 12 litres per minute with a minimum heat output of 5.9kW for your central heating system. This works best with weather compensation or Open Therm. For properties that have multiple radiators, the 35kW is most suitable. It supplies 14 litres per minute to your hot water taps and has a minimum burner output of 8kW. One of the advantages of most Viessmann boilers is the kW output for your radiators which can be rated to its maximum kW.

The Vitodens 050-W is integrated with an electronic boiler control unit for thermostatic and weather compensated mode, along with a frost stat. You can also plug in a simple outdoor sensor to cut costs on your gas bills, and improve the overall comfort of your home.


Vitodens 050-W boilers come with an attractive 7-year warranty when installed by a Viessmann trained installer. The warranty is subject to terms and conditions.

Inox-Radial Heat Exchanger

The Vitodens 050-W features an Inox-Radial heat exchanger and a stainless steel cylinder burner. This component converts your supplied household energy into heat. A high efficiency ‘A’ rated modulating pump generates a modulation range of up to 1:4. This enables the stainless steel cylinder burner to consume less natural gas. As a result, it lowers carbon emissions and lessens the impact on the environment. Other standout features include excellent corrosion resistance, self-cleaning, and counteracts dirt and sludge deposits.

Quiet and Compact

At only 45 decibels, the Viessmann Vitodens 050 is exceptionally quiet. In a 2015 Which? survey, customers gave Viessmann a 5-star rating for reliability and brand satisfaction. You can hardly hear it while it’s operating.

For ease of servicing and maintenance, its components can be accessed from the front. Its height of 707 mm makes the Vitodens 050-W one of the smallest wall mounted boilers in its class. Its compact size is ideal for replacing outdated boilers in multi-story buildings. This includes a single vertical flue system connected to up to five boilers on different floors.

Easy Operation with Optional Remote Control

The Vitodens 050-W allows you to instantly set heating water and DHW temperatures with user-friendly buttons. Other features include a straightforward digital control, optional weather compensation and wireless control options.

Vitodens Boiler Parts BPJD030/1

At Hassle Free Boilers we stock and provide boiler parts from many boiler manufacturers and model types, this also includes the BPJD030/1 boiler parts for the Viessmanm Vitodens models:

  • Boiler Part BPJD030 for the Vitodens 050WBPJD model 29 kW power output
  • Boiler Part BPJD031 for the Vitodens 050WBPJD model 35 kW power output

Therefore if your boiler has broken down and you are looking for replacement, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we will provide you with a quote.