Viessmann Boilers

Which? Best Buy status for the third year running

Viessmann’s Vitodens domestic boiler range has been awarded Which? Best Buy status for the third year running. Viessmann is described as a “very smart choice” by the respected UK consumer organisation in its annual survey.

This is why a Viessmann boilers is the ideal choice for homeowners across the U.K

One of the reasons for choosing Viessmann boilers for your home the next time you’re thinking of a boiler replacement is because the brand offers the latest boiler designs, that are both resourceful and efficient. The Condensing technology used in the manufacturing of a Viessmann boiler system ensures that homeowners will be able to make significant savings on their utility bills.

One of the reasons for this is because the condensing technology used in Viessman boiler systems do not just utilize the heat generated from the combustion, but also the water vapour, enabling the boiler to produce more heat than regular boiler systems. This results to no loss of energy, making the boiler more efficient. Condensing boilers utilize high-performance heat exchangers that cool the flue gases before it has a chance to escape. This is done by condensing the water vapour which is present in the gasses, releasing additional heat which is also used in the heating system.

High performance boilers

Viessman boilers are high performance heating systems, enabling homeowners to have a boiler that offers seasonable efficiency. Viessman boilers not only look after your wallet but also look after the environment by using all of the energy that’s created and not wasting any of it into the atmosphere.

The best boiler you can choose for you home will mainly depend on the size of your home and the heating that your home requires. Since every home does not require the same amount of heating during the winter season it is advised to contact a registered boiler installer to get your home and current boiler inspected to find the perfect boiler system for you. Experienced boiler installers such as Hassle Free Boilers can inspect your home and give you valuable advice on your heating needs.

Viessman has been in the heating business for the past hundred years.

Since 1917, the company has been manufacturing boiler systems that are robust and reliable. The brand is not only recognized within the UK but in 11 other countries as well. Viessmann offers gas condensing boilers of all sizes. The brand is known for its boiler’s excellent design and cost effective efficiency. Viessmann boilers offer efficient systems with outputs ranging from 1.5 to 120,000 kilowatts, making it easy for homeowners to find the perfect boiler system according to the size of their property and consumption needs.