The Vaillant 630 Plus 30kw System Boiler Review

The ecoTEC 630 is one of the larger system boiler models and suits houses with a higher than average heat load.

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The 630 is an A-rated boiler, upgrading to this model could have a significant affect on your gas bill, a typical home-owner could reduce theirs by as much as £255 per year, simply through an increase in combustion efficiency. The ecoTEC 630 also comes highly recommended because of the ease of usability, longevity and stylish contoured case.

Features and Benefits

  • Ultra-efficient 89.2% Efficiency Rating SAP
  • A-rated Boiler Could Mean £200 + Gas Bill Savings
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint By Up To 1,265 kg CO2
  • Push-Button Intuitive Programming
  • Vaillant Premium Components Mean Greater Durability
  • 5 Year Standard Warranty
  • Lifetime Guarantee with our HFB Cover Plan

How It Works

Vaillant have taken the domestic boiler market by storm with their renewed focus on performance, efficiency and usability, and that certainly comes across with the 630 system boiler. Due the quality of the components, coupled with the highest standards of manufacturing Vaillant have produced a boiler so quiet that it was awarded the Quiet Mark seal of approval.

It’s also good to see Vaillant aren’t resting on their laurels with two innovative new solutions to increase efficiency and decrease noise. These are the flame lit detection system and the ultra-high efficiency automatic 2 speed pump, not to mention advanced modulation which reduces energy usage during low demand times.

What You Need to Know

In addition to the cost savings, the environmentally-minded among us will be happy to know that a typical home could expect to reduce it’s carbon footprint by up to 1.265 kg of carbon dioxide per year. System boilers are perfect for homes that have space in their loft to hold the hot water cylinder, and are also expecting to run more than one hot water outlet at a time. Unlike the combi boiler which produces hot water on demand, but loses pressure at high flow rates, Vaillant’s system models can cope with the high demand. This also means that programmable controls are needed to set which times of the day to switch on and off in anticipation of hot water demand.

We’ve built a great relationship with Vaillant, allowing us to install their boilers for less than most other installers and pass the savings on to you. The Vaillant Group have been around for over 130 years and are considered industry leaders in the domestic boiler sector. Our aim is provide you with the perfect boiler, which is why we install such a wide range of Vaillant’s models, at a great price, quickly and cleanly. We also know that not everyone wants to or has the means to pay for a new boiler upfront. This why we are proud to provide such flexible payment options to suit any homeowner and where you have the option to upgrade your existing boiler with no upfront cost and no deposit. View the slightly more powerful 37kw system boiler model here.

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