The Vaillant 415 Plus 15kw Heat-Only Boiler Review

This particular model is compact, stylishly contoured, and very quiet.

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The 415 is the smallest of the heat-only boilers, the larger model being the 18kw (also known as open vent) in the Vaillant range, and is best suited to small and medium sized dwellings that use a traditional heating system. Vaillant have designed their range of open vent boilers with efficient performance as the highest priority, longevity and durability along with intuitive usability.

Features and Benefits

  • Ultra-efficient 89.2% Efficiency Rating SAP
  • A-rated Boiler Could Mean £200 + Gas Bill Savings
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint By Up To 1,265 kg CO2
  • Push-Button Intuitive Programming
  • Vaillant Premium Components Mean Greater Durability
  • 5 Year Standard Warranty
  • Lifetime Guarantee with our HFB Cover Plan

How It Works

Replacing your boiler is one of the largest household expenditures, so it’s worthwhile investing in something that’s going to be around for the long term, and very importantly is going to work efficiently. When home-owners upgrade to an A-rated boiler such as the 415. they often notice a considerable drop in their gas bills. In fact, a typical home-owner could save as much as £225 on their gas bill, each and every year. For the environmentally friendly this translates into a carbon emissions reduction of 1.265 kg of carbon dioxide each year.

Vaillant have integrated some innovative new solutions into their heat only models, the first being the 2 stage frost protection which ensures optimal performance and reliability all year round. The second is the ‘push-button’ programming as part of their usability drive, making sure the boiler heating settings are easy to set-up and change if necessary.

What You Need to Know

The quality of the components and the standard of workmanship ensure that the 415 15 kw runs at very low noise levels, it was consequently awarded the coveted Quiet Mark seal – This boiler runs so quiet you won’t even know it’s there. Hassle Free Boilers can install the 15kw model in your home within 1 to 2 days, although if you’ve decided that an upgrade in your pipework and radiators is necessary then it may take slightly longer.

Heat-only (sometimes known as traditional or open vent) boilers make use of a cold water tank in the loft that as well as a hot water cylinder which is usually placed in an airing cupboard. This model comes with a 5 year warranty as standard. It is compact, stylish and kitchen friendly. SAP also rated the boiler at an impressive 89.2% heat efficiency. Talk to Hassle Free Boilers today about upgrading and start saving immediately on your gas bills.

With so many different boiler manufacturers to choose from, finding the best boiler for your home can be a tough decision. That’s one of the reason’s we’ve built a strong partnership with Vaillant over the years. Because they have a great range of boilers to choose from and are leading the industry in terms of efficiency and long-term reliability. If you’re still unsure about which boiler model, or type of boiler system is right for your home then please get in contact with us. We can run through some calculations that will help you decide based on your heat load and hot water usage.