Vaillant Boilers

Vaillant manufactures one of the widest range of gas boilers to meet the demands of all UK house types and sizes.

Vaillant was the first boiler manufacturer that Hassle Free Boilers were installing in households throughout the UK. The reason for this was that Vaillant proved that they were one of the world’s leading boiler manufacturers.

Vaillant are designed in Germany, where overall heating efficiency, reliability, quietness, and long term performance were the driving factors of design.

Vaillant boilers are becoming an increasingly popular boiler manufacturer in the UK; and with good reason. Quiet Mark which is a non-profit organisation formed by the Noise Abatement Society awarded this boiler the Quiet Mark seal of approval because of how quietly it runs. This is perfect if you need to have it installed close to a bedroom or other noise sensitive spot. They are also surprisingly compact boilers making it easier to choose a place to install.

Why Choose a Vaillant Boiler?

Behind every Vaillant product is the great quality and efficiency of pioneering German engineering. Vaillant never stop pushing the limits of what can be achieved, creating revolutionary new products that help to reduce their impact on the planet. Vaillant use only the best materials and workmanship, continually raising their game to maintain our enviable reputation and provide a great boiler Vaillant price. Today, Vaillant systems already meet the demands and standards of tomorrow.

Vaillant is named as one of the UK’s leading business brands in the 2014 and 2015 Super brands Business index Vaillant joins some of the world’s most known and reputable brands including British Airways, Google and Apple to have achieved Super brands status. The annual league table is based on independent research to identify the UK’s strongest brands, as voted for by marketing experts, business professionals and thousands of British consumers.

More About Vaillant Boilers

Vaillant Group have over a hundred years of being the leader in the boiler industry with an unwavering reputation when it comes to efficiency, reliability and producing some of the best and most innovative boilers on the market. They are the second-largest manufacturer of boilers in Europe and have production sites in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and several others countries around the world.

Vaillant boilers revolutionised the boiler industry by pioneering the combi boiler, what has gone on to now become the most popular type of boiler in the UK, having been fitted in over 15 million homes. The massive advantage of a combi boiler lies in the fact that you can get unlimited hot water and heating whenever you need, without there being any need for a tank in your loft.

The right boiler for your home

Vaillant Combi boilers do come with the slight downside of a loss of water pressure should too many people need hot water at once, although this only tends to become an issue in larger properties. Therefore, we advise that combi boilers are best suited to smaller properties with fewer residents.

However, Vaillant have not limited their expertise to combi boilers, but also produce some of the finest system boilers too. System boilers, also known as sealed system boilers, share the same space saving advantages as combi boilers, meaning they do not require a tank to be installed in your loft; however where they do trump combi boilers is that there is no loss of pressure should more than one person require hot water.

That’s not to say that system boilers are without their disadvantages; for example, although you do not need to have a tank you will need to find space for cylinders. Furthermore, despite the fact that you can run hot water from various taps at the same time there is a possibility that the hot water will eventually run out, meaning you will have to wait for it to reheat before you can readily use it again. Generally, system boilers are more suited to larger properties than combi boilers, however, as mentioned, they can be troublesome if the whole household decides to shower at once.

The final type of boiler produced by Vaillant is the heat only type, also known as open vent or conventional boilers. These are the most tried, tested and traditional type of heating system for your home. Similarly to system boilers they allow you to run hot water from various sources without losing pressure, however they also share the same downside as system boilers wherein the hot water can eventually run out, meaning you have to wait for it to reheat before you can use it again.

Although if you are planning to have a heat only boiler installed you need to take into consideration that they do require a cylinder and a tank to be installed. Like the system boiler, this type of heating system is best suited to larger properties that could might need more than one source of hot water at any one time.

A greener option for your boiler

Each of these type of boiler come in the Vaillant Ecotec Plus range, meaning whichever one you choose you can rest assured that you are getting the best efficiency and most eco-friendly boiler possible, which goes a long way in helping you cut down on your energy bills, sometimes by up to 40%.

It’s probably for these reasons that Vaillant are regarded so positively in the industry and have such consistently positive reviews; they are able to boast a recommendation rating of 91% based on well over 7,000 reviews. If that’s not fantastic consistency then we don’t know what is.

So if you’re looking for the best boiler that money can buy, from the industry leaders, we suggest that you look no further than the pioneers that are Vaillant Group.