Boiler Service Cover For Landlords

From Only £19.99pm Inc. Installation & Benefits.

We can provide you the landlord with a new boiler with a fully comprehensive “Direct To Tenant” boiler maintenance and service cover for all your properties, meaning you no longer have to worry about the hassle of servicing the heating system in your rentals.

Prices start from just £19.99pm²

As a landlord you have a responsibility to your tenants to ensure that their boiler is fully functional at all times; failure to do so is not only a massive inconvenience to your tenants but can quickly become a huge headache for you too. One of the most important things for you to know is that buying a cheap boiler is never going to be the best option in the long run. After all, even the cheapest boiler will still be quite a hefty outlay, on top of which you can expect substandard workmanship, as well not getting a particularly reliable boiler installed; this will inevitably end up costing you in the long term in repairs and maintenance. Hassle Free Boilers are the perfect low cost alternative; not only do we supply landlords with a free boiler but we also provide free cover for the life of the boiler as part of our deal.

What’s Included With Our Landlord Boiler Cover Plan

24/7 call out cover 365 days a year by us

Gas safety record certificate included

Breakdown cover including all parts and labour

New ‘A’ Rated Energy Efficient boiler included

12 year warranty covering the entire system

Work carried out by Gas Safe registered engineers

Water testing for long term efficiency

We Deal With The Tenant Directly

Hassle Free Tenants

At Hassle Free Boilers our sole aim is to make heating your tenants home as easy and hassle free as possible for you. We provide cost effective and fast boiler installation on a wide range of high efficiency, and money saving, models, it’s safe to say that we have landlords covered when it comes to their boilers. We make sure that our gas engineers are local to where they install and we provide 24/7 service and repairs cover, meaning that if something were to go wrong we can provide same day boiler repairs, at no cost to you. What it boils down to, is that getting a deal with us can prove to be cheaper than getting boiler insurance or running the risk of paying for repairs should anything go wrong.