The Ideal Logic Plus 30kw System Boiler Review

If you really knew how many different kinds of boilers there are, it would blow your mind!

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But even if it doesn’t interest you, when it comes to buying one for your home, you should research carefully and understand your needs! This research could save you money not only up front, but also over the course of the boiler’s lifetime. So why throw money away, when just a little research could help?

But it isn’t just about the money, knowing which boiler to buy helps the environment and saves you any future headaches from a preventable boiler breakdowns.

The Ideal Logic+ SYSTEM 30kW Boiler is a state of the art, compact boiler designed for an unvented central heating system for domestic heating and provision of hot water. It’s compact and style and nature makes installation a breeze. The wall mounting feature takes compatibility to the next level!

Features and Benefits

  • A-Rated Efficiency
  • Quiet & Compact
  • 40%+ Gas Bill Savings Possible
  • Hot Water on Demand
  • 90.1% Efficiency Rating
  • Good Housekeeping Approved

How It Works

The Ideal 30kW Boiler is compatible with an outdoor sensor available from Ideal. The sensor detects weather changes outside and adjusts according to that temperature. It communicates the temperature outside to change the boiler temperature inside for the optimum home temperature. If it’s colder outside, the boiler increases the indoor heating temperature. If the temperature is warmer outside, the sensor communicates it to the boiler, decreasing the indoor temperature. This feature allows for the best temperature comfort level.

Logic+ SYSTEM 30kW Boiler is also compatible with the Ideal LPG Conversion Kits. Becaues the Ideal 30kW Boiler is available with a 80mm direct direct rear flue line, it is one of the most flexible boilers in the industry. The LPG conversion kit allows for simple gas conversion, and installation so it allows changes to be made whenever necessary. Not everyone requires a 30kW boiler system, so the SYSTEM Boiler is also available in 15kW, 18kW and 24kW for smaller domestic use. It conveniently matches any domestic household need for heating!

For those interested in the Heat Only models, starting with the 15kw model here.

What You Need to Know

The boiler contains built in frost protection, preventing the temperature of the system from dropping too low. The compact nature allows it to be stored in any cupboard and the option of wall mounting allows it to utilise unused space efficiently. No one wants their boiler in plain site for the whole world to see if at all possible!

The heating level can be controlled through the clear and easy to understand digital display. What defines a comfortable household temperature varies from house to house, so being able to control this it is a great advantage and helps save on energy.

You can’t be expected to just buy the Ideal 30kW outright, but the A rating and 90% efficiency mean it would be a great choice if you did. The A rating is a great way to reduce energy costs while still being environmentally friendly.

The 7 year parts and labour warranty gives you even more confidence when purchasing the Ideal SYSTEM 30kW. Knowing that any future problem will be taken care of without hassle is a great relief.