The Ideal Logic Plus 24kw System Boiler Review

Every morning when the hot water comes out of the tap, we never really sit and think how this happens or what it takes.

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We never really think about the boiler churning away in the background! A very important part of your day is that hot water, whether in the shower, for cooking or the heat that warms your home! So clearly buying that boiler system should be a careful and properly researched process. This is where the Ideal Logic+ SYSTEM 24kW Boiler comes in!

The SYSTEM 24kW Boiler is great for larger households that have a greater hot water demand along with a larger room space to heat! Although the Ideal Logic+ System boilers do come available in a range of outputs, it is important to know which one will best suit your home.

Features and Benefits

  • A-Rated Efficiency
  • Quiet & Compact
  • 40%+ Gas Bill Savings Possible
  • Hot Water on Demand
  • 90.1% Efficiency Rating
  • Good Housekeeping Approved

How It Works

The Ideal Logic Plus System 24kW boiler plays on the principle of stored hot water. The boiler system heats your house directly and produces the hot water which is then stored in the hot water cylinder. The water is then pumped from the boiler to the heating system, then on to the radiators and the hot water cistern or cylinder. This allows for a fast response when hot water is needed, so when you turn the tap on, hot water is there!

What You Need to Know

The Ideal Logic+ SYSTEM 24kW boiler boasts a ‘cupboard fit’ design, which means that the compatible and convenient size of the system allows it to be stored discretely anywhere! This is great for those who have a larger hot water demand but have a smaller space.

Operation of the whole system is made simple by the user-friendly control panel featured on the system. The control system includes DHW temperature control. The remote capability allows for even more personalization, along with the optional timers and room thermostats. All these make your home heating and water experience that much better…and more cost effective.

The built in frost guard protection keeps your system fully functioning even in the coldest temperatures. This along with the 7 year parts and labour warranty allows you to enjoy your boiler stress free! Knowing that any breakdown or failure will be covered by Ideal lets you stay relaxed about your home heating. The ‘cupboard fit’ design style of the Ideal 24kW allows you to conveniently store away the system even in the smallest spaces. This design is perfect for homes with not enough space but a large hot water demand.

The Ideal Logic+ has won the Queen’s Enterprise Award in 2013, and Good Housekeeping Reader Recommendation voted it the Household Boiler of the Year by Product of the Year for 2013. So you can be sure that you’re buying a tried and tested product!

The 24kW can be controlled by an Outdoor Sensor. Weather compensation can be achieved when this optional control is fitted into it! Your home can be made more comfortable with the automatic temperature adjustment according to the weather outside. View the slightly larger model, the 30kw system boiler here.