The Ideal Logic Plus 18kw System Boiler Review

The boiler systems available in today’s market would make even an experienced buyer confused!

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But knowing what boiler system you need to fit your requirements and your home is something you shuld investigate – after all, it could save on your heating bills! So let us help guide you to the perfect boiler system, and save you some money into the bargain!

The Ideal Logic+ SYSTEM 18kW Boiler is the perfect boiler for those with medium / larger sized homes looking for a full system! It is great for such properties and slightly bigger families who need to use hot water at multiple sources at the same time. It is also pretty pwerful when it comes to heating your home too. The A rating and 90% efficiency prove that the Ideal Logic+ SYSTEM 18kW Boiler is an outstanding buy.

Features and Benefits

  • A-Rated Efficiency
  • Quiet & Compact
  • 40%+ Gas Bill Savings Possible
  • Hot Water on Demand
  • 90.1% Efficiency Rating
  • Good Housekeeping Approved

How It Works

The Ideal 18kW Logic Plus Boiler, is a system boiler. This means that the boiler provides hot water to the hot water cylinder which is then pumped through the entire heating system to the radiators to warm up your home. System boilers have a faster response than other types of boilers and stores hot water in a separate tank.

The stored hot water system allows you to turn on any number of hot taps at once, making the 18kW a perfect fit for larger homes and families. The compact size makes installation simple and in most instances the boiler fits neatly away in to a cupboard! System boilers tend to come with most of the parts pre-built in. This makes installtion quick, easy and very efficient with hardly any mess and inconvenience.

What You Need to Know

This boiler benefits from built in frost protection so you never have to worry about the cold temperatures causing your boiler system to freeze up or malfunction! The small and compact nature allows it to be stored in any cupboard and the option of wall mounting also means it can be mounted in an unused space, perhaps the garage!

The simple to use, clear digital display allows for easy use and temperature control in your home and of your hot water. The wide range of outputs available let you customize the boiler to suit your home! A smaller home would require the Ideal Logic+ SYSTEM 15kW Boiler, but a much larger home can use a Ideal Logic+ SYSTEM 24kW Boiler.

The 7 year parts and labour warranty gives you total confidence when purchasing an Ideal 18kW Boiler. Knowing that any part malfunction or breakdown will be taken care of removes all stress from your home heating and hot water supply.

An Outdoor Sensor is available with this boiler. This allows automatic control of your internal temperature based on external weather conditions. Obviously you can override the sensor, but it does tend to offer optimum heating and also added efficiencies for further savings on your winter energy costs.