The Ideal Logic Plus 18kw Heat Only Boiler Review

‘Heat Only’ boilers are traditionally used in older houses.

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This is because most older homes tended to be built with heat only boiler systems. And, to be fair, the latest models are efficient, economically and environmentally sound! And, it is easy to replace your old one as well.

So why wouldn’t you invest in a Ideal Logic+ Heat Only 18kW Boiler? These heat only boilers are excellent for the slightly larger home that has a greater demand for hot water and central heating.

Features and Benefits

  • A-Rated Efficiency
  • Quiet & Compact
  • 40%+ Gas Bill Savings Possible
  • Hot Water on Demand
  • 90.1% Efficiency Rating
  • Good Housekeeping Approved

How It Works

‘Heat only’ boilers work differently than both the system and combination boilers. They are open vented systems and have two separate tanks. The first is where the water is stored and the other is called the ‘feed’ or ‘expansion’ tank. The latter is generally situated in the roof space or upper level of your home. The cold water from the first tank (storage) is sent to the hot water tank where the boiler heats the water, from where it is distrubted to the hot water taps around the home.

The ‘feed and expansion’ tank is the one that monitors and provides hot water to the heating system as well. There is a pump installed with the system and this is how the water is sent to the radiators in the house to provide heat.

The Boiler Controls

The Ideal Logic+ 18kW Boiler comes with the optional Outdoor Sensor control unit that allows the system to easily compensate for weather conditions. Although it is optional, it is highly recommended. The weather compensation system can save you hundreds in energy costs. It works by measuring the temperature outside and comparing with the temperature inside. It then communicates with the boiler system allowing it to compensate inside your home – very clever indeed!

What You Need to Know

The fact that there is a tank of stored hot water allows the user to turn on multiple taps at once, without interrupting the water supply, pressure or temperature. There is a range of power outputs allowing you to buy according to your particular household’s needs. The 18kW can be used in a medium-sized home with a slightly larger water supply need. Larger homes will probably need the 30kw model which is obviously more powerful and can pump great volumes of water.

The Ideal Logic Plus 18kW Boiler boasts a compact ‘cupboard fit’ style design. It can be conveniently places in spaces as small as your kitchen cupboards. This is great for those with less space but who also need the power of the HEAT ONLY 18kW. The easy to use control panel allows full access to the system and allows you to control the home’s internal temperature with consummate ease.

The built in frost protection, prevents your unit from becoming frozen in harsh winter weather. Enjoy peace of mind and awarm home without worrying about your system freezing up! What will also help ease your mind is the seven year parts and labour warranty from Ideal. As long as you register the boiler within thirty days of installation and get it serviced annually, Ideal will cover all parts and labour costs of the boiler under the warranty! Buy from Hassle Free and you get your service agreement as part of the all-inclusive deal!