German Gas Boilers

Many people would picture Germany as a country with historic buildings, a beer garden, or even lederhosen. But in reality, German gas boilers are the market leaders in home heating, energy efficiency, and renewable energy.

Its home to two of the world’s most innovative and award-winning boiler companies – Vaillant and Viessmann.

Vaillant Gas Boilers

Founded in 1874, Vaillant is a family-owned international company with its main base in Remscheid, Germany. Vaillant were the pioneers of the first combi boiler to hit the market. That invention was to later change the heating industry forever. For over 135 years, Vaillant has been revolutionizing the hot water and heating industry with regular and innovative production of heating systems.

Vaillant produces a variety of products which include gas boilers, hot water cylinders, boiler controls, solar water heating appliances, and ground source heat pumps.

Vaillant and Glow-worm are the company’s flagship brands. Vaillant’s boiler range is a major contributor to the latest high-efficiency boiler and water heating technologies. The company has a workforce of roughly 12,000 employees and over 680 product and technology development staff worldwide. This is in line with the firm’s emphasis on development and innovation. Vaillant’s products also have a footprint in over 80 countries across the world including the UK.

Vaillant Combi Boiler Range

Vaillant combination boilers are most suitable for heating hot water for homes with limited space, and or with lower water requirements. These combi boilers are the most energy efficient boilers in the Vaillant range as you will not need to install a cold water tank or hot water cylinder. This is because the boiler connects directly to the mains supply. In contrast with other boiler types, the main drawback for Vaillant combi boilers is the water pressure is lower. This is evident when multiple taps are in use simultaneously.

The Vaillant ecoTEC boiler range is manufactured with superior components in mind. This domestic boiler is further complemented with market leading guarantee packages. Vaillant EcoTec has a wide range of combination, system, and open vent boilers that are suitable for any home needs.

The EcoTec Pro range is best suited for smaller houses, and is pre-equipped with three power levels. Note that multiple hot water taps always demand more power.

Vaillant System Boilers

System boilers or sealed system boilers are eco-friendly and adaptable boilers that provide hot water via a sealed system tank. This boiler is enclosed in an airing cupboard. In comparison to the open vent boilers, system boilers can operate without a cold water tank in the loft. They’re also efficient in fulfilling higher hot water demands. You can even use Vaillant system boilers in collaboration with other renewable energy heating systems such as solar thermal.

Vaillant Heat Only Boilers

Vaillant heat only or open vent boilers supply heat and hot water by way of a boiler, a storage cylinder, and a cold water tank in the loft. The tank draws water from the main pipes and then supplies it to the hot water cylinder. After heating, the water is distributed throughout the central heating system.

This boiler allows you to use taps, showers, and baths in different rooms simultaneously – a plus for larger homes. However, when the water runs out, it will take longer to reheat as the boiler is cylinder driven.

Viessmann Gas Boiler

Viessmann is a market leader in manufacturing reliable, efficient, and affordable heating and solar products. Headquartered in Allendorf Germany, Viessmann has managed to create a strong international brand with 22 manufacturing companies spread across 11 countries.

The company’s track record stretches back over 100 years. Viessmann offers various domestic products which include oil and gas-fired boilers, biomass, solar thermal and hot water heating. The range of Viessmann gas boilers available is combi, regular and system.

Viessmann Combi Range

The Viessmann combi boiler integrates an energy-efficient central heating system with a hot water heater in one unit.  All combi boilers in this range have a ‘class A’ energy efficient rating. Its compact size and other innovative features has made it a popular choice in UK households. These boilers are space-savers making them suitable for small homes, or for homes where you want to make use of the extra space. Combi boilers work on demand and this helps reduce your energy costs in the long-run.

Viessmann Regular Range

This regular or traditional boiler – also known as open vent boiler is most suitable for replacing older boiler systems in older homes. Similar features with heating systems of the past include an independent cold water tank set in the loft, a hot water storage cylinder, and the boiler itself. But the similarities end there as modern Viessmann boilers are more energy efficient, and have been engineered for modern living.

Viessmann System Range

The Viessmann system boiler requires sufficient space for the hot water cylinder to produce hot water and heating. In contrast to traditional or regular boilers, the system boiler can function without an extra cold water storage tank.

To house a storage tank your house needs to have a loft. A system boiler only needs the main boiler unit and a sealed hot water storage cylinder.

In comparison to a combi boiler, this design is suitable for larger homes as it provides a higher water flow rate and can handle higher system demands.

Viessmann has three models of gas-fired boilers. They include Vitogas 050, Vitogas 100 and Vitorond 200. They make use of a premix burner to combust gas safely, and protect the environment. Last but not least is the Viessmann Vitodens 200. This wall-mounted condensing boiler utilizes an Inox-Radial heat exchanger, and a matrix compact burner to contain its small size.

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