Your Hassle Free Boiler Questions Answered

Our offer includes all the installation costs, a new boiler, and 24/7 call out for the boiler and your whole heating system. The boiler is even guaranteed for the full 12 years so if a situation occurred where the repair was not possible we will simply replace it free of charge.
That’s all replacement parts, labour and annual servicing and safety check, as well as a FULL central heating flush for that monthly direct debit payment, you will never have to pay an extra penny.

By installing our boiler you can expect to save up to 40% on your gas bill, which can translate to up to £570 a year.* If you then remember that you do not need to pay for another annual service, or for any boiler parts, or for call outs to your property, we’re helping you not only have complete peace of mind, but also reduce your outgoings. It’s probably for this very reason that we have one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the industry.

Yes. We now have a number of payment plans available, which allow you to choose how much you would prefer to pay monthly² to give you complete flexibility. Fill out your details in the contact form on the on our website, we will contact you and go through the options available.

Yes we do everything we can to ensure that it is:

  1. With our offer we try and make the process as hassle free for you as possible. For a monthly direct debit payments you can simply have the service and maintenance of your existing boiler. You can then have installed the grade A rated boiler, one of the most reliable and efficient boilers on the market, at anytime convenient to you.
  2. We send out a contract to you before we professionally survey your property so that you can really understand our offer, and see that there are really no hidden costs. We ask you to sign a contract as a sign of commitment, however this first signature does not mean that you are required to go ahead until after the survey. There is no obligation to go ahead if you are unhappy with our service or offer at any time.
  3. Our service is no more hassle than any other boiler installation and in fact the benefits are more valuable than those you will receive from any other provider. Any firm you contact will need to do a survey. Our customers rate us very highly and the testimonials are there for you to see on this website. The overwhelming majority of customers thought that a Hassle Free Boiler was more than worth it and have been delighted with the service we provide.
  4. Removal of your old boiler and installation of the new typically takes a day. We take pride in our work and will clean up after ourselves, make sure the boiler is fully operational and we’ll set the controls for you also showing you how to adjust them yourself. And don’t forget we hold Which? Trusted Trader status for which we are very proud.

  1. The agreement is for 12 years but this also includes a guarantee for 12 years. You’ll always have a gas boiler in your property and you’ll never have to worry again and can get on with the other things you want to do in your life. We’ll always be there to ensure your boiler and heating system do what they’re supposed to throughout this period.
  2. Technology is always improving and most people look to change their boilers around the 12 years mark. We can provide excellent service throughout that time and combined with all the other benefits we believe that 12 years is the best value option for our customers. Hassle Free Boilers wants to show our commitment to their customers by showing they believe not only in the products we use but also the standard of our workmanship.
  3. The 12 year agreement is not only our commitment to you but the period during which your interests and ours will be perfectly aligned. A top quality boiler, professionally installed, maintained and serviced is the best way to ensure that for you and us this really is hassle free.

  1. That’s not a problem at all: At Hassle Free Boilers we have tried to make our agreement as flexible as possible for our customers and moving house is simply something that happens for which we have made provision to ensure we remain hassle free. If you have a Hassle Free Boiler installed when you do decide to move home the new home owner can simply take over the agreement from you, meaning they will get the use of our Hassle Free boiler and complete cover.
  2. Alternatively, our boiler service and maintenance agreement is there to cover you for as long as you need, be that for a few years or for 12 years. That means that if you do decide to sell your property in the future you can settle out at any point.

Hassle Free Boilers is a new way to install, service and maintain a gas boiler, where you simply pay a monthly amount² for full cover and a new boiler is included.

Included in the scheme is a premium “A” rated Vaillant, Ideal or Worcester boiler, annual servicing cover, comprehensive breakdown call out cover, full system flush, thermostatic radiator valves and a magnetic filter to ensure the on-going maximum efficiency of your gas heating and hot water system.

You pay a low monthly amount² to us by direct debit for a set period of time. At the beginning of that period you can request that we install a premium “A” rated Vaillant, Ideal or Worcester boiler in your home, then we take full responsibility for servicing and maintenance of that boiler for the length of the contract.

We try to be as flexible as possible to suit the needs of our customers and have created an option to proceed with a Hassle Free Boiler for those who may be concerned about their credit history – If you made an upfront payment of £1799, that’s typically less than the cost of a new boiler & installation from anybody else, our decision to move forward with the agreement will not be based on the credit check alone.

Instead we will take a number of factors into consideration. This payment option will allow you benefit completely from our comprehensive service and maintenance cover, including the installation of a brand new Vaillant, Ideal or Worcester boiler, complete call out cover, all parts and labour, and a full system flush.

  1. If you’re renovating your property in the next few months we can go through process with you now. This will allow our surveyors to come out to your property, and help advise you on the best location and size boiler for you. We don’t need to install the boiler at your property until you are ready.
  2. Renovating property – Long term: If you’re looking to install a boiler in the next couple of years, what we can do is send you over a draft copy of the agreement via e-mail or in the post, this will allow you to fully understand what we are offing and what we cover. We can then contact you in the future and go through the application process.

With Hassle Free Boilers we don’t have to install our boiler at your property straight away, we can install the boiler at any point throughout the agreement.

That means that we can cover your current boiler and central heating at the moment, this cover will include all parts and labour and a full system flush, you can then decide when you are ready to have the boiler installed.

When you sign up for the Hassle Free Boilers scheme you will have the option to receive a new boiler, which using the latest technology, has been specially designed to ensure it is one of the best on the market.

By changing your boiler to a more efficient, modern one the Energy Saving Trust estimates that you can save up to £570 per annum.* It will be installed by fully qualified engineers and will include thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) and room thermostats if required, both of which will help reduce your bills even further.

The installation will also include a free clean and flush of your existing radiator system, worth £500 plus a magnetic filter worth £75 from the leading company Magnaclean™ and we’ll even take away your old boiler.

Yes. We take the hassle out of boiler ownership and it’s cheaper with us too. Think of the scheme as a 12 year warranty. Hassle Free Boilers offers you the opportunity to fix the costs of owning, servicing and maintaining your boiler for the full 12 years for one fixed monthly amount. Where else can you get a 12 year warranty and servicing and maintenance costs fixed for 12 years?

Hassle Free Boilers offers the best boiler, with better cover, peace of mind and at a better price than anywhere else and with no upfront costs. Plus with a super-efficient boiler you will save up to £570* per year on your fuel bills. With all this you can have total peace of mind and one less thing to worry about.