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Everything you need to know about getting your boiler replaced.

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So your current boiler finally gives up and breaks down, that’s when we call an emergency plumber and find out the cost to fix the issue – a nightmare you have to deal with without heat or hot water. Well at Hassle Free Boilers we take away all the worry from any potential boiler replacement.

There is nothing worse than living without heating or hot water, so why not contact us today to discuss your situation with one of our boiler experts? Or simply get a quote online using our Quote Tool now.

What happens during my installation?

The 5 steps to a new heating system

Getting a brand new boiler installed can feel like a significant job that needs to be done in your home, however with modern boilers being much more advanced than times gone by, it’s really a lot simpler than you think.

Most boiler installations can be done in a working day – so you could leave for work and come back to a brand new boiler! There are a few main steps that need to be done to complete the work:


  1.  Removing the old boiler – the first job to do is to remove your old boiler
  2.  Flush and clean – with the boiler off the wall, your heating system will be flushed or cleaned to ensure the system water is as clean as possible
  3.  Changing or upgrading your pipework – some newer boilers may need your existing pipework to be upgraded
  4.  Fitting your new boiler – with the system clean and pipework ready, your new boiler can be installed
  5.  Boiler commissioning – once the boiler is on the wall, an engineer will check everything is working as you would expect.

Getting a boiler replaced is as easy as 1,2,3.

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Step 1


All you need to do is enter your details on our website form or call us free on 03456 47 47 47 and we will contact you back for a bit more information.

Don’t worry your details are always safe, we never share them with anyone. Once you are happy, we will call at a mutually agreed time to discuss what boiler is right for you and of course answer any further questions that you may have.


Step 2


We will then organise a convenient time for one of our qualified surveyors to give you a call, to make sure you get the most efficient boiler possible.

All our surveys are done with a remote survey from our technical headquarters so you get installed sooner!


Step 3


Finally, one of our locally based, and highly professional, heating engineers will then install your new boiler, which usually takes less than a day.

We pride ourselves on only working with engineers who are intent on doing the highest calibre job possible and leaving your home crisp and tidy when they are done. They will even take away your old boiler for you.