Which Magazine Best Buy Boiler Recommendations

Which? Magazine is an independent non-profit consumer advice service. The magazine's aim is to scrutinize and recommend to the public different products, and services available in the market.

The Which? Awards scheme is a popular event in the UK. The “Best Buy” and “Best Brand Awards” can best describe it. Which? Best Buys products are recognized for undergoing an independent test and then proven the best product in a particular category. The Best Buys for boilers are awarded based on consumer feedback.

One of Hassle Free Boilers boiler manufacturing partner is Worcester Bosch. The brand’s performance has been fantastic in the annual Which? magazine report on boiler reliability, and customer satisfaction on boiler servicing. No other manufacturer can rival Worcester Bosch performance on gas boilers. Approximately half of UK households surveyed chose Worcester Bosch, making it the most popular boiler brand in the UK.

Which magazine Best Buy Worcester Bosch Greenstar Range

Hassle Free Boilers are recognized as installers of Worcester Bosch boilers in the UK. We provide the best products matched with the best engineering and service nationwide.

Which? Best Buy official stamp has been awarded to some of Worcester Bosch new boiler range such as the GreenStar gas-fired boiler range.

As recently as 2015, the GreenStar gas range had won Which? Best Buy for six consecutive years with a score of 5 out 6 categories. In 2017, based on reliability, customers’ scores and engineer recommendation, the overall brand score was 92%.

Energy Efficiency

Worcester GreenStar condensing boilers are approximately 90% efficient. They offer significant savings on fuel bills and help reduce your carbon emissions. Properties whose existing boilers have been in use for more than 10 years, are likely recipients of high gas and oil bills.

You can reduce such energy costs by at least £300 each year by upgrading to a GreenStar condensing boiler. A well-known fact is that most older boilers are only 50% efficient. This is in contrast to Worcester GreenStar boilers which are A-rated for efficiency. This means they can churn 90% or more of the fuel it uses for heating and hot water for domestic use.

Worcester Bosch boilers are consistent receivers of the Which? Best Buy rating award. The quality of boilers is independently tested, and according to Which?, the extra money you’ll pay for a good quality boiler will over the boiler’s life prove to be money well spent.

Take advantage of the Hassle Free Boilers interest-free credit to spread the cost of the boiler in over 12 months. This will guarantee your property the benefit of a top quality boiler at a reasonable payment schedule.

Viessmann Best Buy Boiler Brand

In September 2017, a Which? magazine survey found Viessmann to be the most reliable UK gas boiler brand. This is because it’s well-liked by homeowners and respected by engineers. The survey gave a glowing assessment of the experience of consumers who own the manufacturer’s range of boilers. Boiler engineers gave positive reviews on build-quality, availability of parts and spares, ease of repairs and servicing.

Veissmann Boilers Rating

Viessmann had a 5-star rating for brand reliability and customer satisfaction, and 4-stars for build quality. Based on reliability, customers’ scores and engineer recommendation, the overall brand score was 84%.
In the latest Which? magazine report, “Viessmann has been within reach of being the Best Buy boiler brand for the last few years. Its reliability score is the best of any brand, and two-thirds of owners would recommend a Viessmann boiler to a friend.”

Viessmann received recognition for its Vitodens boilers’ high standards, becoming one of only two gas boiler brands to be recommended by Which? in that category.

Vaillant Boilers Range

Vaillant boilers have a 15% ownership in the UK according to respondents surveyed by Which? But Vaillant missed out on a 5-star rating for the Best Buy award due to reliability concerns. It got a 3-star rating from engineers since its boiler range is easy to repair and service. Based on reliability, customers’ scores and engineer recommendation, the overall brand score was 78%.

Hassle Free Boilers boiler scheme offers a boiler and servicing contract for a monthly fee. The scheme offers UK households a new A-rated Vaillant boiler with an upgraded central heating system.

The boiler scheme comes with a 12 year service cover which includes emergency call outs and serviceable parts, for a monthly fee starting from only £19.99.

Boiler Reliability

The recent Which? magazine survey found that on average, 49% of new gas condensing boilers become faulty in the first 6 years of service. This figure drops to 38% if you choose to buy the top 3 brands of Worcester Bosch, Viessmann, and Vaillant.

Despite approximately half of all gas condensing boilers breaking down in the first six years, buying one of the top three Which? magazine recommended brands will set you back less than £200 a year for servicing. You’ll still be better off by £50 or more each year if you just paid for repairs on an ad-hoc arrangement.

Getting the Best Boiler Installation

To ensure that you get the best insider tips, Hassle Free Boilers will take the time to conduct a full survey of your home. This is to better understand your heating and hot water needs.

You will also need to take into consideration any future plans of your home such as a power shower, new bathrooms or even extending your current home. These and other factors will influence your choice of boiler. With all factors considered, we will proceed to give you a quote on the price, type, and size of boiler most suitable for your property.

The Which? magazine survey concluded that “ there is a big difference in reliability, customer satisfaction, and engineers’ opinions on the best and worst boiler brands.”

Buying a boiler based on cost can be misleading. You can save roughly £233 over a six-year-period by choosing the more reliable brand over the least.

The top three boiler brands are likely to cost a few hundred pounds more than the least reliable brands, but a “Best Buy” boiler is less likely to break down.

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