Ultimate Guide to Worcester Bosch Boilers

About Worcester Bosch Boilers

Worcester Bosch Boilers is probably the most recognised boiler brand in the world and is trusted by millions. Part of the Worcester Bosch Group, its products are designed and manufactured to provide customers with the highest levels of quality and reliability. Making it a brand to consider for your boiler replacement or installation.

Founded in 1962 by Cecil Duckworth CBE in Worcester, UK, the company went from humble beginnings here in Britain, to a worldwide market leading manufacturer. The company has since manufactured over 50,000 boilers from its Worcester factory.

Worcester Bosch is an excellent choice for your new boiler, with a full range of options to suit all budgets. We’re going to take a look at their full range in this guide, and help you decipher which boiler is best for you. But first, let’s cover off the basics…


Why choose a Worcester Bosch boiler?

Award Winning

Worcester Bosch have received the coveted Which? Best Buy award for ten years in a row for their full boiler range, as well as awards from OFTEC, Best Factory and CORGI. Which? had this to say about the brand:

Reliability is the single most important consideration when buying a new boiler and Worcester Bosch has it in spades


Energy efficient

As Worcester Bosch only supply boilers that are energy efficient, all of their boilers are A-rated. This means they will actively save you money on your energy bills in comparison to an older, inefficient boiler.


Full range of boilers

However your house is heated, Worcester Bosch have got you covered. Their entire boiler range covers combi, system and regular boilers as well as oil fired. The company is renowned for its innovation, most notably with The Greenstar Lifestyle – its newest boiler to enter the market.

The new Greenstar Lifestyle range brings cutting edge technology and style together, for a unique series of boilers that are not only energy efficient, but stylish too. The design is reminiscent of an iPhone. Whether that’s intentional or not – we don’t know – but we do know this design makes the boiler a feature in the home. It means the boiler is no longer thought of as a design ‘faux pas’, or something to be hidden away in a cupboard. 


How much does a Worcester Bosch boiler cost?

Worcester Bosch offer a huge variety of boilers for homes. The range includes Combi, System and Regular boilers. Prices start at approx £750.00 and go up to over £3,000, but with Hassle Free Boilers you can get a brand new Worcester Bosch boiler for just £39.99 per month through our boiler subscription service.

A combi is the most popular type of boiler in the UK – over 70% of households choose this option, that’s 15 million homes! It’s probably because they’re the most energy efficient, so help to keep energy bills down. This boiler heats water as and when you need it, so it means you don’t need a water cylinder or a cold water tank.

A system boiler however, heats water in a storage cylinder so you have lots of hot water stored up for when you need it. This type only uses one storage cylinder, in comparison to a regular boiler which uses a cylinder and a cold water tank – usually installed in the loft.

Compare the cost of Worcester Bosch boilers by checking out our boiler search tool.


Worcester Bosch oil boilers

Worcester Bosch is the pioneer of the combi boiler in the UK but also offer 30 oil-fired boilers in its current range. And they’re all designed to suit different home sizes. Like gas-fired boilers, oil boilers come in Combi, System or Regular.

An oil boiler is often the best choice for homes that are not connected to the gas grid – this includes both inside and outside installation. Outside installation is usually offered when a home is short on space, so it would be better for it to be installed externally.

The only difference between an oil and gas boiler is that the oil boiler will need a tank to be delivered to your home, for the oil to be stored. This has to be kept outside and you’ll need to make sure the oil tank is topped up throughout the year.

Both types of boiler (oil and gas) are energy efficient when it comes to heating water and keeping your home warm. It just depends on whether your home is connected to the mains gas or not. 

Depending on size of the boiler you require oil combi boilers can range from £2,000 to £3,000 and system oil boilers can can range from £1600 to £2500.


Oil, gas or electric?

Naturally, both oil and gas fired boilers use fossil fuels. Maybe in the future there will be a shift to electric boilers, which will be better for the environment. At the moment the cost of running an electric boiler is a lot more expensive than gas or oil. To keep your carbon footprint to a minimum, we always recommend getting an A-rated boiler, which helps keep your fuel consumption to a minimum and your energy bills down too. It’s a win-win situation


How long should a Worcester boiler last?

As Worcester Bosch are regarded as one of the most reliable manufacturers on the market, its warranties put their money where their mouths are. Each Worcester boiler comes with a manufacturer’s guarantee of 5 years. 

However, at Hassle Free Boilers we trust that Worcester Bosch will last even longer than that, so we offer up to 12 years warranty. That’s for your piece of mind and because we know these boilers are top quality.


Worcester Bosch boiler reviews

Don’t just let us be the judge though, just check out some of these 5 star reviews for Worcester Bosch boilers on Trustpilot.


Worcester Bosch Boiler Controls

Worcester Bosch are at the forefront of technology when it comes to boilers. That’s why they offer a whole host of boiler controls. You can choose the controls that are right for you, from smart home controls which integrate with an app on your smart phone, or something that’s a little bit more traditional like wall thermostats and timers.

You can choose the right type of controls for your home, they include:

  • Room thermostats 
  • Timers and Programmes
  • Programmable room thermostats
  • Load compensation
  • Weather compensation

We’ve written a complete guide to Worcester Bosch boiler controls on our blog.


Worcester Bosch Boiler installation

At Hassle Free Boilers we only ever work with Worcester Bosch and Gas Safe accredited engineers. A Worcester Bosch boiler installation usually takes around a day, and we plan the installation date with you in advance.

Usually the boiler will be delivered first and the engineer will follow shortly behind to carry out the installation.


Your Worcester Bosch Boiler quote

Did you know that it’s often more cost efficient to replace an old boiler, rather than repairing it? The cost of engineer call outs, parts and labour can mount up. With our monthly subscription plan, you can replace your old boiler with a new A-rated Worcester Bosch boiler! That could save you up to £320 on your energy bills annually!

When you take out a new boiler subscription plan with us, the cost of installation, repairs and services are included in your monthly fee. Sit back and relax in the knowledge that your boiler experience is truly hassle free with us!

To get your no obligation quote, just fill out the details below. It only takes a couple of minutes and we’ll find the best deal for you.

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