The Big Energy Saving Week 2015 has arrived!

Whether you care about the environment or not, there’s no denying that how we treat the subject goes hand in hand with how much it costs us and that is primarily what the Energy Savings Week 2016 is all about

For example, it pays to do the environmentally friendly thing and bring your own reusable bag to the supermarket rather than spend 5p every time you don’t want to walk home struggling with armfuls of shopping.

This is very much a value we share at Hassle Free Boilers. As part of the Ecovision renewable energy group our aim is to protect the environment by helping everyone to reduce their carbon footprint. This in turn reaps the rewards of reduced energy bills, so everyone’s a winner.

For every £1 you spend on your boiler warming your home, about 40p goes to complete waste.

The first way we do this is by installing the most efficient boilers on the market; a huge proportion of boilers in the UK today are over 10 years old and, as a result, about 40% less efficient than they should be. What this means is that for every £1 you spend on your boiler warming your home, about 40p goes to complete waste. At Hassle Free Boilers we only install A-rated boilers, and therefore the most efficient boilers on the market, which could save you over £500 on your gas bill every year.

But our commitment to energy saving doesn’t stop there; we also provide you with a Nest Thermostat which is a nifty little device that allows you to control the heating in your home from your smartphone. It learns what temperatures you like, and at what times, building a personalised schedule just for you, and thus making your home as energy efficient as possible. Having this device in your home has been shown to reduce energy bills by over £100 a year.

There are some other factors to keep in mind when making sure your boiler is running as well as it can.

For instance, always make sure your boiler pressure gauge measures between 1-1.5 bar, too little pressure will lead to inefficiency and high bills. Also, check that the flame in your boiler is a strong and clear blue. Any signs of yellow or orange could mean that your boiler isn’t burning its fuel correctly or that carbon monoxide is present. If this is occurring ensure you call a boiler engineer right away.

The most important factor when it comes to a boiler that saves energy and money is ensuring that it is running efficiently so why not contact Hassle Free Boilers today for a free no obligation check on the effectiveness of your boiler.

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