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Replacement Boiler Costs

If you could get a replacement boiler that didn’t cost you the earth, would you? Just looking at prices of boilers is enough to shock, with new ones costing upwards of £2,000. But the benefit of replacement boilers is that they are much more efficient and therefore the initial cost offsets the long-term costs of an inefficient boiler. As a bonus, the reduction in energy consumption due to more efficient burning of fuel reduces the impact of the new boiler on the planet’s resources.

Energy Saving Trust Survey

A study from the Energy Saving Trust found that a boiler accounts for around 55% of yearly utility costs – that means a more efficient boiler will help lower a significant part of annual energy bills. A new boiler is more efficient for many reasons. Modern boilers are condensing boilers, meaning they utilise both heat from the initial burning of fuel but also the heat that would usually be lost, making them significantly more efficient. With a new boiler costing around £2,300, it is often difficult to decide to invest a new boiler; however there are options available to lighten the load (Energy Saving Trust). Hassle Free Boilers is a new concept that delivers heating and hot water with no initial capital outlay, paid for with a low, weekly manageable sum that includes service, breakdown and maintenance so you’ll never again pay thousands of pounds on boiler installation and upkeep.

Energy Savings

For the equivalent of just £8.27 a week, Hassle Free Boilers make boiler installation simple as they replace your old central heating boiler with a brand new boiler with the added benefit of free service. The contract lasts for 12 years, during which homeowners will receive system flushing, thermostatic radiator valves, annual service, unlimited maintenance and, most importantly, an “A” Rated boiler. Modern “A” rated boilers can save you a huge amount of money on your energy bills. Estimates suggest anywhere between 40-50% and that is a serious saving given the way prices have risen in recent years.

Energy Efficient

Being energy efficient is much easier and less expensive than most think. A new boiler provides more efficient burning of fuel without the need to switch to an all new system that takes time getting used to. These low payments on a highly efficient boiler that lowers energy bills will end up saving thousands in the long run – switching to save has never been this easy.

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