Boiler subscription service

Buying a new boiler can be an expensive process. According to the Energy Saving Trust, the price of a new one averages £2,000, though the cost of installation can increase it.

If you can’t afford to pay for one up front, the alternative could be a boiler subscription service – like the one that we offer. The subscription covers the boiler and all parts of your heating system against breakages, repairs, and damages.

You’ll get a new boiler for a competitive monthly fee, as well as servicing and repairs, so no need to worry about anything going wrong because we’ve got you covered.

How does it Work?

The subscription service began in 2013 and thousands of people are taking advantage of the scheme, which includes a brand new A-rated boiler, installation and servicing.

The service plan includes annual servicing, repairs, unlimited call outs, and a lifetime ‘fix’ or ‘replace’ boiler cover. You’ll also get an annual gas safety check.

Homeowners agree to a set monthly fee over 12 years. To qualify for the scheme, Hassle Free Boilers will first run a credit check to make sure your’re able to make the monthly payments. The deal allows you to fund a new boiler by paying for it in a more convenient way.

If you move house before the 12 years elapse, the new homeowner can inherit the agreement or you can cancel the plan. By cancelling you’ll have to buy off your contract at an agreed price. This is usually the balance of what is owed on the boiler.

Among the boilers on offer is a new A-rated Viessmann boiler and an upgraded central heating system.

What is the cost?

Our most popular payment plan costs £39.99 without a deposit – this incldues a new A-rated boiler from either ViessmannWorcester BoschIdeal or Grant boilers, as well as installation and annual servicing.

There are a number of plans for you to choose from – our friendly team will make sure you get the best deal for you.

What are the alternatives?

Paying upfront is another alternative to buying a boiler. If you lack the cash to pay upfront, you can consider taking a loan or using a 0% purchase credit card.

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