Quick, easy, effective and cheap ways to decorate your home this Christmas

Obviously, you can’t have a Christmas tree without baubles but the mistake people make is that they just stick their baubles on the tree and nowhere else.

Get a big bowl or anything similar, fill it with baubles and see how nice and Christmasy it looks. If you’re feeling especially arty or don’t have any spare baubles you can also get old lights bulbs, cover them with glue and sprinkle them with glitter. This can be a fun and easy little arts and crafts activity to do with the kids.

Orange and cloves:

Stick cloves all over an orange (try to be as arty as you can) and put into a fruit bowl. Not only is it an interesting decoration but it also fills the whole room with the most Christmasy of smells, it’s almost like there’s mulled wine being made 24/7.

Hot chocolate in a jar:

This is an easy one that will have the kids wide eyed with hungry awe, it mixes some of the best things about the chilly Christmas season, hot chocolate and sweets. Get a clear mug or a glass, and layer it up with everything that made you happy when you were knee-high. Start with a layer of hot chocolate powder and build it up using everything from actual pieces of chocolate to bright candies to marshmallows. But remember to keep out of reach of children.

Sweets, sweets and more sweets:

While we’re on the subject of things that kids love, use sweets as a cheap and easy decoration. Fill a glass with seasonal sweets with candy canes. Chocolates wrapped in sparkly, tinsel coloured foil work just as well.

Don’t hide away your Christmas cards:

Christmas cards are practically a free Christmas decoration, don’t hide them away. Put them up on your wall or clip them along your staircase. Not only does it look great, but whoever gave you the card will be thrilled to see it up and bringing some Christmas spirit to your home. It’s a win-win.

Put those cookie cutters to use in more ways than one:

Obviously use your Christmas themed cookie cutters for what they were meant to be used for, kids love baking and nothing smells and looks like Christmas more than a baking tray of Rudolph shaped biscuits. But once they’ve been baked (and probably eaten) don’t hide the cutters away. Using a piece of ribbon or string hang them up around your home. Not only are they Christmas shaped but they’re metal so they’ll reflect any lights around them and add to the atmosphere.

Fireplaces or candles:

A beautiful, blazing fireplace is the ultimate winter warmer, sadly we’re not all lucky enough to have a fireplace in our home. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have any fire bringing natural light to your living space. Candles are easily the next best thing, they add a beautiful natural glow to your home and if you get scented ones (we personally recommend gingerbread) then you have the added bonus of a Christmasy smell too.

Get the presents out early:

We know no one is in a hurry to wrap their presents but it really adds to the Christmas atmosphere, and builds up the anticipation for the kids, if you get the presents out and under the tree as early as possible.

Get the pets involved:

They might not be thrilled about it but when they look that adorable who cares? Dress up your dogs (cats may be a bit more challenging to do) in a Christmas get up. It’s the cutest possible decoration. Merry Christmas from the whole Hassle Free Team!

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