The Modern Way To Heat Your Home and Save Money

Save Money with Hassle Free Boilers

The Modern Way To Heat Your Home and Save Money

Many people turn to Hassle Free Boilers, not only because we have such great customer service, but because we have also been shown to save money for our customers, hundreds of pounds every year.

Read on to find out how we could help you save and the incredible amounts of money you could save.

Are You Paying Too Much To Heat Your Home?

The cost of heating our homes seems to be forever on the rise, but this might not just be down to energy companies raising their prices.

If you feel that your energy bills are too high, it might be down to the age of your boiler. Studies show that of the 27 million households in the UK roughly 4.5 million, or one in six, are heated by an outdated boiler that is 10 years or older. A boiler that has served a home for that long can be as little a 60% efficient, which could mean that for every £1 you pay to heat your home, 40p is completely and unnecessarily wasted. This can unnecessarily add up to £350 to your energy bills, every year.

One Low Monthly Fee That Covers Everything

In the past the difficulty with addressing the problem of an old boiler has been the cost as a new boiler is actually amongst the six highest household expenditures you will make, but this has all changed now. Hassle Free Boilers are the first, and at this point only, company in the UK to offer an affordable Pay Monthly Boiler Scheme, which means that you can get a brand new boiler, with the installation cost completely covered, as well as a 12 year guarantee on your homes entire heating system, with an annual servicing, from as little as £19.99 – less than the average mobile phone contract – or £39.99 with no upfront cost.

Hassle Free Boilers guarantee no hidden fees, and no extra costs.

We Only Work With The Finest

We have close working relationships with the finest and most respected boiler brands in the business. Including Worcester-Bosch, Vaillant, Ideal and Intergas, meaning you can be confident you are having a boiler of the highest standard installed in your home.

We also take great pride in working with the finest local engineers. Meaning should you ever need any assistance you could have an upstanding and gas-safe registered engineer with you that very same day. No more waiting around in the cold, no more massive bills to have your boiler fixed.

Bringing Innovation To The Boiler Industry

We don’t only want to make energy efficient boilers financially viable to everyone. Our aim is to modernise the boiler industry as a whole. We are so far the only company to offer a Remote Technical Survey service. Meaning you can have your property surveyed the very same day that you contact us. All that is require is 10 minutes of your time. On the phone with one of our highly qualified Remote Technical Specialists and a couple of photos of your current boiler set up. This can be provided over any digital platform that suits you including Whatsapp and email. Not only does this make the installation process a lot quicker. It also reduces the costs as we do not need to send a surveyor to your property. Although, naturally, if you prefer the more traditional means of surveying, we offer that too.

If You Decide A Monthly Contract Isn’t For You That’s OK

If a monthly contract covering everything from the boiler and its installation to any repairs does not sound like what you want right now that’s no problem. You can buy your boiler outright, at any point during your contract. For the market price. We also offer the option to buy a boiler without ever committing to a contract at all. Some of the most competitive prices available.

Not Interested In A Boiler At All?

Even if you’re completely happy with your current boiler Hassle Free Boilers have something to offer you too. We have just rolled out our Refer A Friend program. Wherein we will pay £100 if you refer a friend who goes on to have a boiler installed. Maybe you know someone whose boiler sounds like a jumbo jet taking off. Someone who constantly complains about the cost of energy. Well now you can do them and yourself a favour by introducing them to Hassle Free Boilers.

Simply click here, fill out your details and you are ready to start referring and making some hassle free earnings.

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