Is Summer The Time To Buy A New Boiler?

During the summer, replacing your boiler might be the last thing on your mind. However, muggy mornings and sweltering heats might mean that you’re using more warm water than any other time of year.

Whether it is taking a long, relaxing bath; a refreshing shower or simply washing the dishes, your boiler is going to play a key role in providing you with hot water on demand. Therefore it is crucial to your savings and peace of mind that you know you’re getting the best out of your boiler! With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of reasons why summer is the season for you to upgrade your boiler and cash in on some scorching savings…

Make An Investment This Summer

According to the Energy Saving Trust, heating accounts for about 55% of what we spend on our energy bills every year. Therefore, if your household is using an old, outdated, or generally inefficient boiler, you could be spending even more money on heating in your yearly bill- especially in the summer months, when people take longer and more frequent showers. With an inefficient boiler, you could be spending more energy, and money, than necessary to keep your shower warm.

So how can we save money on our heating?

By installing an ‘A’ rated boiler this summer, you could save up to £315 a year! Older boilers lose about 25% of the heat they produce as hot air but an ‘A’ rated boiler is able to achieve astounding energy efficiency by catching that hot air and ‘condensing’ it. As a result, an ‘A’ rated boiler can convert over 90% of the energy it uses into heat for all your heating needs. By comparison, a ‘G’ rated boiler only converts less than 70% of the energy it expends, meaning that in effect it wastes 30p of every £1 you spend on your heating.

Over an ‘A’ rated boiler’s 15 year lifespan, you can save up to £5,250 compared to a boiler with a lower energy efficiency rating. Coupled with the fact that engineers are generally cheaper to call out in summer, now could be the time for you to make the switch to an ‘A’ rated boiler.

Find out more about ‘A’ rated boilers and how much you could save by installing one.

It Can Be Easy Being Green

With the growing concerns about climate change, it’s important for all of us to think about our carbon footprint. But we know that being green isn’t always easy. Luckily, ‘A’ rated boilers are greener than any other class of boiler! They can cut your house’s CO2 emissions by 30-40%.

Don’t Get Frozen Out

Because winter sees the highest use of boilers and central heating systems, it’s also the time of year when engineers are inevitably the busiest. Engineers are rushed off their feet installing new boilers and servicing old ones. By planning to buy your new boiler this summer, you can find the perfect, energy efficient boiler for you at the perfect price. Avoid the winter rush, and book an appointment that works for your busy schedule.

So How Much Could You Save?

Finding the right boiler for your needs can be a minefield with so many models and providers to choose from. Luckily, at Hassle Free Boilers, we aim to take some of the hassle out of your search. Using our Savings Calculator, you can input your preferences for a range of factors including price and see exactly how much you could save!

In addition, you can receive personalised quotes from a range of Gas Safe Registered providers. Our quote service is fast, friendly and includes at least a 7 year warranty and a safe and effortless disposal of your old boiler! So for the hottest bespoke deals on the market, check out our Quote Page here. Otherwise the full list of best combination boilers in 2017 go here.

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