Homeowners Underestimate New Boiler Cost

Research shows that most homeowners don’t know the true cost of a new boiler

In 2017 Installer Magazine reported that most people, out of the 2,000 surveyed, estimated the cost of replacing an old or broken boiler to be just under £700. In reality the total cost of a new boiler could be three times that amount.

How much is a new boiler?

Most people don’t expect the average cost for a new boiler to be at least £2000.

These latest findings go to show that many people are unaware of the impact of purchasing a new boiler on their annual budget. A broken boiler could cost the same amount as a family holiday.

Often, people do not budget for this type of expense so many are left stranded with a choice of either no heating or paying over the odds for an emergency boiler installation. With hourly plumber rates in London reaching over £200, many families have to use their credit card or overdrafts.

In comparission to this, a Hassle Free Boiler through our subscription scheme requires no deposit, and you get installation of a brand new A-rated boiler, all for an affordable monthly fee.

So, don’t put off your boiler replacement till winter – or until it breaks – if your boiler is old, you’re most likely spending more than you need to on your water and heating bills. You could save up to £350 with an A-rated energy efficient boiler. Get your quote today, and start saving!

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