H&V Domestic Product of the Year Award

Hassle Free Boilers Nominated for Domestic H&V Product of the Year Award 2016

We’re not one to sing our own praise, toot our own horn or blow our own boiler. But we are just so thrilled that we want to share the news with everyone. We’ve been nominated for the H&V News Awards for Domestic Product of the Year in the Heating Heat Recovery category. We know it’s no Grammy or Oscar (that’s got Leo’s name all over it) but it means the world to everyone at the company to see that the work we are putting in to making ultra-efficient, money-saving boilers affordable for everyone in the UK, whilst helping the country lower their carbon footprint, isn’t going unnoticed.

At Hassle Free Boilers we believe that it’s not fair that the families who need to save on their energy bills are the ones who are least able to afford the major cost that comes with getting rid of an old, inefficient boiler. These old boilers can be costing some households up to £570 every single year in wasted energy. That’s because 60% of your energy bill comes from heating your home. A boiler that is 10 years or older can be as much as 60% effective. That’s a lot of energy being wasted. This is not good for the environment and certainly not good for the bank balance.

You can find out how much a Hassle Free Boiler could save you by clicking here.

This is why we take every possible measure to make new, ultra-efficient boilers as accessible as possible to everyone. Whether it’s through our Scrappage Scheme. We give you £500 off when we scrap your old boiler or our innovative Pay Monthly Boiler Scheme. As little as £19.99 a month for a new boiler. All the parts, work and a lifetime of 24/7, 365, on-call repairs. We are going the extra mile to make a new boiler as affordable as possible.

But we don’t stop there. We also make a point of only working with the most trustworthy, experienced and gas-safe registered engineers up and down the country. What this means is that you will always have a lovely, local engineer attending to your needs. No more long waiting times with all the accountability that goes hand in hand with hiring from a large company. We also insist that each and every one of our engineers ensure that your home should be left just as tidy. If not tidier, after their work is complete.

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We know that the boiler industry can sometimes have the reputation of being less than honest, more often than not you hear about a “cowboy tradesman” or a builder ripping off a poor old lady, but we’re doing everything in our power to change this image by leading by example.

We’re not only striving to make the boiler installation process as pleasant as possible. Also as convenient as possible, and as such we have recently rolled out a pioneering Remote Surveys program. This new feature of the Hassle Free experience means that you can have your old boiler surveyed over the phone in less than 10 minutes using digital platforms like WhatsApp or e-mail.

Your old boiler

After a mere 600 seconds you can have your old boiler surveyed, the amount of work that will be needed assessed by of our technical survey staff and your installation booked. No more unnecessary days off work. Unless you want one, in which case we also offer the more traditional methods of surveying. No more waiting around the house for a surveyor. No more hassle. What makes this method of surveying even greater is the fact that it means we don’t have to pay a surveyor to examine your property, a cost saving measure that we pass on to you.

Quality and Innovation

Quality and innovation don’t stop with our engineers and surveyors. These are also our minimum expectations when it comes to the boilers that we install. That is why we only work with a strict selection of the most trusted and respected names in the boiler industry. Including Ideal, Vaillant and Worcester-Bosch. Who supply boilers to none other than Her Majesty The Queen’s Sandringham Estate. We’re also in the process of adding the highly esteemed, European manufacturer of boilers called Intergas to our already impressive lineup.

Our tireless work and commitment to quality hasn’t gone unnoticed by some of the largest companies in the country either. This has allowed us to set up working relationships with Barclays, allowing our customers to get the best possible rates if they choose to buy a boiler on finance. We also work closely with the AA to ensure we have engineers in every corner of the country, if an emergency arises for one of our customers

The Hassle Free experience

As is hopefully obvious, we’re always striving to improve the Hassle Free experience. Whether it’s the little things like writing up a Boiler Jargon Guide. Therefore,you know exactly what an engineer is saying even when you are not familiar with the boiler language. The slightly bigger things like giving you a £500 discount when we scrap your old, useless boiler.

These are all the reasons this nomination has come our way. It’s good to see that hard, honest and innovative work pays off. We didn’t get this nomination because we are doing the same thing as everyone else. Rather because of how we differ to our competitors.

Maybe we are tooting our horn a little bit at this point. We just want you to know that we are always looking for new ways to change and improve everything about having a new and energy efficient boiler in your home.

The awards ceremony is taking place on the 6th March 2016. Therefore until then we’re crossing our hard working fingers for a good result.

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