The Ultimate Guide to Boiler Finance Deals

What are your Boiler Finance Options?

When it comes to replacing a boiler you have various options on how you can pay for a new one.

With the various options that are available it can become a headache. Particularly, when you also have to consider which type of boiler is right for you and who you need to install it.

At Hassle Free Boilers we provide a wide range of choice on boilers, services and finance options.

We do not believe in a one size fits all, we want to make sure each and every customer gets the right and best deal.

Below we highlight various payment and finance deals to help you make an informed decision.


Option 1 – Boiler Pay Monthly Service

Simply, this is a subscription that you agree with a company like Hassle Free Boilers to manage your boiler installation, service and repair for you. A hassle free way of letting a company look after your boiler headaches for you.

Why You Might Choose this Option

You may not want to pay a significant investment upfront to replace and install a new boiler. A pay monthly subscription or monthly rent scheme will cover the cost of a new boiler, installation, maintenance and service in easy to manage monthly payments.

How does it Work?

The subscription service has become very popular over the last few years. Afterall, many people are used to buying cars and other household items on monthly payments so why not boilers? You will receive:

  • a brand new A-rated boiler,
  • installation and servicing.

The service plan includes:

  • annual servicing, repairs,
  • unlimited call outs,
  • and a lifetime ‘fix’ or ‘replace’ boiler cover.
  • You’ll also get an annual gas safety check, which can prove very useful for Landlords.

Customers agree to:

  • a set monthly fee over 12 years.
  • Hassle Free Boilers running a credit check to make sure you are able to make the monthly repayments.

What type of boilers can I get?

Among the boilers on offer are leading A rated boilers from:

What is the cost?

Our most popular payment plan costs £39.99 and without a deposit.


Option 2 – Flexible Finance

There are a number of finance options on the market from interest free through to fixed APR interest rates. Therefore, it’s important to read the small print and calculate the exact repayment costs.

Why you might choose this option?

It might be that you prefer to own the boiler outright and also look after the boiler yourself. Finance options enable you to do this without having to buy a significant upfront cost.

How does this work?

You pay for the total cost of the boiler over a fixed period of time. Depending on the type of finance package you need to consider:

  • The total price of the boiler and installation cost
  • The length of the repayment period.
  • The amount of deposit that will need to be paid upfront
  • The total interest required to be repaid

Once the above has been taken into consideration you will be able to calculate what your monthly repayment will be.

Typically, finance deals will not include ongoing service, repair or maintenance of the boiler. This will be required to purchase separately either as a package or as individual services as and when you need them.

To see how we structure our finance deals click here

What boilers can I get?

The benefit of the finance is that most A rated boiler companies are available with these deals.

What is the cost?

This is dependent on the price of the boiler and amount of interest required to be repaid. Typical a new A rated boiler will start from £2000 plus installation costs.

Interest free deals can offer lower upfront costs but may have higher interest rates after an interest free period e.g. 12 months. Interest baring finance options may allow for longer term repayment options.

To get a quote on our various finance deals click here


Option 3 – Buy The Boiler Outright

This requires much less explanation than the first two options as it is buying a boiler of your choice for its full price upfront.

However, there’s still plenty to consider when choosing a boiler from boiler type, size, brand, model and obviously what you are prepared to spend.

To help make your choice, take a glance at our boiler search tool to understand the different types and prices available on the market.


Summary of Finance and Payment Options

Pay Monthly Finance Buy Outright
Features A new boiler, service, repair and maintenance in one easy monthly price Spreading the cost of a boiler and installation over a longer period of time Pay upfront and own the boiler outright and manging boiler maintenance yourself
Advantages ·      New A rated boiler·      No hassle boiler service

·      Peace of mind with inclusive care and cover

·      Smaller upfront costs·      Ownership of the boiler ·      Ownership of the boiler·      Flexibility on the make and model of boiler you choose
Disadvantages ·      Do not own the boiler outright ·      Requires larger upfront investment than pay monthly service·      Additional cost to manage boiler service and maintenance ·      Requires larger upfront investment than pay monthly service·      Additional cost to manage boiler service and maintenance


Some Additional Things to Consider

Don’t underestimate the true cost of a new boiler

Most people don’t expect the average cost for a new boiler to be at least £2000.

These latest findings go to show that many people are unaware of the impact of purchasing a new boiler on their annual budget. A broken boiler could cost the same amount as a family holiday.

Often, people do not budget for this type of expense so many are left stranded with a choice of either no heating or paying over the odds for an emergency boiler installation. With hourly plumber rates in London reaching over £200, many families have to use their credit card or overdrafts.

In comparison to this, a Hassle Free Boiler subscription scheme requires no deposit, and you get installation of a brand new A-rated boiler, all for an affordable monthly fee.

A rated boilers energy efficiency

A new A-rated boiler will reduce your energy bills by approximately £30 per month. So, don’t put off your boiler replacement till winter or until it breaks. If your boiler is old, you’re most likely spending more than you need to on your water and heating bills. You could save up to £350 with an A-rated energy efficient boiler.

Payment options when I have bad credit

Don’t be put off monthly payment options if you have bad credit ratings. It is still worth shopping around and getting a quote. We will perform a soft credit check and our sales and customer service team could still find a payment solution to fit your credit rating.

Next Steps

If you need further help on the best options for you let us help. We can discuss your requirements and talk through the various options and boiler types that best suit you. We can provide you with a quote so you have all the information you need to hand.

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