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The Importance of Getting Gas Safe Registered Engineer

At Hassle Free Boilers it is one of our foremost aims to see everyone in the UK have lower and more affordable energy bills.

The main way we go about achieving this goal is by ensuring people know how much they can start saving by having a new A-rated efficiency boiler fitted in their home. Not only this but we also make these ultra modern boilers as affordable as possible with our innovative Pay Monthly Schemes starting from as little as £19.99 a month, or £39.99 with no upfront cost.

We’re also extremely proactive in raising awareness about the extortionate amounts energy providers are charging their customers for heating their homes. As a means to achieving this goal we have published countless informative pieces on how anyone can start saving on their energy bills simply switching energy providers, despite the fact that were not energy suppliers ourselves.

As mentioned earlier, the end goal is to see a nationwide reduction in energy costs, a cause that we have been pushing for over a decade now. However, our mission is about more than just helping our customers save money. The boiler industry as a whole has cultivated a somewhat unsavoury reputation for untrustworthy engineers, who are putting the well-being (both financial and safety) of their customers at risk.

For example, did you know that 3 in 5 illegal installations have been deemed unsafe and out of those a third had to be disconnected immediately to ensure the safety of the homeowner?

Furthermore, 22 people have died and nearly 1,000 were injured due to gas related incidents in the last 3 years which is simply unacceptable. The same thing that is keeping your home warm and comfortable should never pose any sort of risk to your well being. Especially when we are called in to install new boilers and come across such questionable work ourselves, only to be told by our customers that the poor workmanship carried out has ended up costing people more in the long run too. That’s why we have gone about addressing this frightening issue as quickly as possible.

At Hassle Free Boilers we pride ourselves on our network of engineers spanning the range of the country. What that means is that the engineer who installs your new boiler will be locally based to you and available to make same day repairs should you ever need him. Not only this, but every engineer we work with is meticulously checked and is certified as gas-safe registered, meaning you can expect nothing but the highest standard of work when you have a Hassle Free boiler installed in your home.

We appreciate that in a trade like the boiler industry word of mouth is the best form of advertisement. We ourselves get countless customers come to us based on the happy words of a previous customers. In fact we have one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the industry, on the highly respected industry standard site that is, currently standing at 94% of people saying they would happily recommend Hassle Free Boilers to friends or family.

However, it is very much worth taking into consideration that 3 in 4 victims of illegal and unsafe work had employed the tradesman based on a recommendation from others.

We are by no means suggesting you should ignore what your family or friends says about a tradesman that they had working in their home, however we do highly suggest also doing some research online to ensure that that same tradesman is reputable and trustworthy.

Alternatively you can go with one of the most reputable boiler installers in the country in Hassle Free Boilers, and not only will you be assured of having a qualified, gas-safe registered and trustworthy engineer installing your boiler for you, you can also expect all of these things too, from as little as £19.99 a month:

  • A boiler that cold reduce your energy bills by up to £570 a year
  • All parts and labour included
  • An option to pay nothing upfront
  • Free annual service worth £50
  • Free, top of the range, magnetic filter worth £90
  • Free full heating system flush worth £250
  • 24/7 unlimited callout with no excess fees
  • Same day emergency service

So why not click here to get a quick, no obligation quote, and find out how much you could start saving today. Not only will it benefit your bank account, but it’ll mean you can have every confidence that you are getting your boiler installed safely and effectively.

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