Mark’s Gas Bill Has Gone Down By 84%

Mark Mortimer posted a comment and picture on Facebook. Showing how he had reduced his gas bill by a whopping 84% over the course of the year.

Mark reports, “Nearly one year on from having my new boiler installed and I jut had my first summer gas bill. Instead of being in debit, $230+ in credit. I also had this usage graphic on my bill based on this time last year. Really does show what a difference a back boiler costs compared to my new combi (that’ off my actual bill on the 3rd Sept)”

The picture he posted along with the comment is an online screenshot. Showing that during the year Mark’s gas usage went from 4411kWh down to 723kWh, an enormous 84% reduction in cost.

So how exactly did Mark reduce his gas bill by 84%?

A year earlier Mark decided to install an A-Rated Vaillant ecoTEC boiler. The ecoTEC is one of, if not the best boilers available on the market today and burns gas so efficiently that reducing your gas bill by 45% is common, although as Mark showed, the savings can be even greater.

In addition to the efficiency of the new boiler. The engineers who installed it carried out an entire heating system flush which removed the gunk and grime from the inside of the radiator system allowing the heat to dissipate more efficiently into the home and contributing to the lower gas usage.

So, how much did he pay for all of this?

Nothing actually, there was no upfront cost and no deposit. Mark’s only payment is a small monthly one that takes care of the boiler and entire heating system with annual service, installation and warranty all included.

Mark is just one of thousands of other home owners across Britain who have decided that paying a big upfront cost isn’t for them. He decided instead to install a pay monthly boiler. There is a growing trend in the UK that more and more savvy home owners want to take advantage of a pay monthly boiler package. They have the installers take care of it instead of having to worry about repairs and maintenance themselves.

Pay Monthly

When you pay monthly, instead of an upfront cost, all the responsibility is with Hassle Free Boilers. To take care of your boiler and you don’t have to worry about a thing. In Canada, this is accepted as the norm, just like many people nowadays effectively rent their phone through a contract.

Maintenance is another thing that Mark doesn’t have to worry about. The boiler will be kept in top condition by the Hassle Free Boilers engineering team. Therefore that it continues to run at very high efficiency throughout the year. The next time you’re thinking about installing a new boiler, think twice about paying upfront. The monthly payment plan from Hassle Free Boilers takes care of everything. Leaving you with lower gas bills and one less thing to worry about, leaving you with more time and money to enjoy the things that matter.

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