Fuel Poverty Vulnerable Deserve A Free Boiler

Recently the Action For Warm Homes released their UK Fuel Poverty Monitor 2016 – 2017 findings.

This year’s report specifically focused on the most vulnerable people who live in cold and damp conditions. Furthermore the report also found that those living in the country side pay nearly 55% more for energy than those in urban homes with efficient heating.

The findings are truly shocking!

  • Initial evaluation findings from the Nest scheme in Wales show those people receiving heating and insulation measures benefited from a drop in GP interventions for respiratory illness (c.4%) and asthma (c.6.5%)
  • In areas with poor central heating coverage, mortality rates increase more rapidly when the outdoor temperature falls
  • People living in the coldest quarter of homes are 20% more likely to die during the winter than those in the warmest quarter
  • In one detailed study in the South West of England home energy improvements were associated with an 80% decrease in the rate of sickness absence from school for children with asthma and recurrent respiratory infections
  • Evaluation of the Warm Front scheme found that 70% of households who increased indoor temperatures to WHO levels did not have an increased ‘mortality risk’ when outdoor temperatures dropped. But the mortality risk for those without improved comfort worsened by 2.2% with every 1°C fall in outdoor temperatures
  • 9% of hypertension in Scotland could be prevented by maintaining indoor temperatures above 18°C

Our Mission for Warm Homes

This is why Hassle Free Boilers are taking proactive measures to fight fuel poverty in the UK.

We will start this campaign by donating a free Hassle Free Boiler to a household most in need of one. Therefore please follow our Facebook page, share and comments on who is the person who deserves a Hassle Free Boiler the most here.

With the winter upcoming we wish you a warm home with a hassle free boiler!

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