Energy Firm “Rip Off”

Energy Firm “Rip Off” is £1.2bn per year, with 60% of Households Paying Too Much

An Energy Market Investigation by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has found that energy firms have been overcharging by £1.2bn per year.

Roughly 60% of households are paying too much on their energy bill. In fact, the investigation found, the average homeowner could save £160 per year just by shopping around for a cheaper deal.

This is alarming news

It’s a wake up call to homeowners that it’s definitely worthwhile shopping around for the best deal. However, what is even more interesting is that many homeowners don’t realise they could save up to 50% on their gas bill by upgrading to a new A-Rated boiler

YES – That’s 50%.

Many of our customers at Hassle Free Boilers are reporting savings of over 50% by upgrading. So before you spend hours looking for the best deal from an energy supplier, consider upgrading your boiler to save even more money.

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