Revolutionary new way of surveying a property

Hassle Free Boilers was the first company in the UK to introduce a revolutionary new way of surveying a property

Since our inception in 2006 Hassle Free Boilers have strived to be different to all other boiler companies, and we’re unrelentingly tireless when it comes to achieving this goal.

We’re always looking for innovative ways to streamline the process of having a new boiler installed, or making it as financially viable  for everybody in the country to be able to afford a brand new, high efficiency model. So we introduced the Remote Technical Survey before boiler installations.

We’re proud part of the multi-award winning Ecovision Renewable Energy Group, and we want to see the whole country lower their carbon footprint, and in turn their energy bills. As heating your home accounts for 60% of your energy bill we feel that it’s important to address one of the most wasteful consumers of energy in the country: old, outdated and inefficient boilers.

Of the 27 million households in the UK roughly 4.5 million boilers are heated by a boiler that is 10 years or older. That means one in six households are being warmed, every winter, by a boiler that can be as low as 60% effective. We think this statistic is simply unacceptable, especially considering that this can be costing some families up to £570 every year. This is why we offer a wide array of choice when it comes to getting a new boiler; we have an option for everyone, regardless of your income. For example, our Pay Monthly Scheme starts from as little as £21.99 a month. Covering everything from a brand new boiler, right through to the installation, annual servicing and any repairs it might ever need.

That’s a brand new, money saving, high efficiency boiler and complete peace of mind for less than the average phone contract.

But we haven’t stopped at making new boilers as widely accessible as possible. We also want to make the whole process as streamlined, unobtrusive and cost-effective as possible. This is why we’re rolling out our pioneering, new Remote Technical Survey service. This innovative new initiative means of surveying your property means you can have your property examined, your questions and queries addressed and a boiler installation booked and ready to go, without ever having to open your front door.

This is achieved by spending a mere 10 minutes on the phone with one of our highly qualified Technical Specialists. All they will need from you is to answer a few questions and send a few pictures of your current boiler set-up.

We’re available on most digital platforms. Whether you want to send a snap over WhatsApp or email over an image. We’re happy to accommodate. That is not to say we don’t also offer the traditional face-to-face property surveying service, if that is what you prefer. However, there are some undeniable advantages that come with our Remote Technical Survey. That you simply don’t get with the more traditional method. First and foremost, it makes the whole installation process cheaper. This is because we don’t need to pay a surveyor to travel to your property. As well as spend time assessing your boiler set-up and what services you require. As such, the whole installation costs the company considerably less, savings that we happily pass on to you.

It used to be the case that as part of the process of getting a new boiler you would have to take an unnecessary day off work to accommodate the survey. Naturally, this could prove to be quite inconvenient. Especially when you consider that you are using a part of your allocated yearly holiday. Just to accompany a surveyor for no more than an hour. With the Remote Technical Survey this is no longer a problem that you need to contend with.

This is because we have our gas-safe registered Technical Survey Specialists. On-site at times that completely accommodate the schedule of your life (Monday to Friday: 8am – 9pm / Saturdays: 9am – 5pm).

So whether you would like your survey done late on a Tuesday evening, or early on a Saturday morning. The team at Hassle Free Boilers are here for you, and generally it will take 10 minutes or less.

It really is by far the most time effective and convenient means of having your property surveyed.At Hassle Free Boilers we pride ourselves on being different to all other large boiler installers, and we want to make your new boiler installation as manageable as possible.

We’re always looking for ways to improve and we always get positive feedback on our work, as can be seen on our Testimonials Page. As well as by the multitude of positive reviews we have received on, on top of being a Which? Trusted Trader.

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