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Saving on your energy bills starts with a Hassle Free Boiler

Studies show that 4.5 million homes in the UK are heated by a boiler that is 10 years old or older. Boilers with this many years of service under their belt can be as little as 60% efficient, meaning homeowners nationwide are wasting up to 40p for every £1 that they are spend on heating their home. However, this massive issue, that is increasing the energy bills of households in the UK by up to £350 every single year rarely gets discussed or dealt with as it should. Our aim at Hassle Free Boilers is to change this.

Click here to use our Savings Calculator and find out how much upgrading your boiler could save you ➝

£350 is an amount of money that could make a considerable difference for anyone, think of the relaxing holiday you could take with that money, or the lovely makeover you could give your home this spring if you had an extra £570 to spare.

A brand new Hassle Free boiler can not only make keeping and maintaining a boiler a completely stress-free experience but it can also bring about huge savings on your yearly energy bill. We don’t only want to make getting a Hassle Free boiler a completely stress-less experience but we also want to make it more enjoyable than it traditionally was too.

One way of looking at it is that if you’re signing up to our £19.99 a month plan, we are giving you the first 10 months back in vouchers that you can spend on whatever you like.

Click here to use our Savings Calculator and find out how much upgrading your boiler could save you ➝

It’s not only cost effective to switch to a Hassle Free Boiler but easy too. At Hassle Free Boilers we’re always trying to refine and improve the installation process, making it as smooth, simple and convenient for our customers as possible. We are currently the only boiler installer in the country to provide a Remote Technical Survey service meaning you can have your property surveyed the same day you submit an enquiry to us, without ever having to open your door to a surveyor. We do this by borrowing a mere 10 minutes of your time, on the phone with one of our supremely qualified technical specialists. To ensure we are giving you accurate facts about the work required and how much it will cost we will always need a few pictures of your current boiler set up, transfer over to us by any digital platform that suits you. Whether that be a messaging application like WhatsApp or more traditional means like email.

Although it goes without saying that we appreciate that some people prefer the more traditional means of surveying a property and as such have highly gas-safe registered engineers nationwide, primed and ready to help you. Which ever you prefer is fine with us, we’re always happy to help and accommodate for your needs and preferences.

Click here to use our Savings Calculator and find out how much upgrading your boiler could save you ➝

It’s having these values at our core, the desire to put the customers needs first, that makes it so easy to switch to Hassle Free Boilers. For example, we offer our Remote Technical Survey service Monday to Friday: 8am – 9pm and Saturdays: 9am – 5pm. So whether you would like your survey done early on a Wednesday, or late on a Saturday, Hassle Free Boilers are here for you, and generally it will take 10 minutes or less; it really is by far the most time effective and convenient means of having your property surveyed, and yet we’re the only company who currently offer this pioneering service.

Not only do we aim to save you as much money as possible and make switching to us as hassle free as possible, but we also want to be there for you should anything ever go wrong. When we install a boiler for you we ensure we have an engineer locally based to you, meaning we can offer same day repairs at no extra cost should you ever need them.

We’re here to save our customers money, and make every aspect of having a boiler, from installation to maintenance, as hassle free as possible. So why not click here, it only takes about a minute, and find out how much a hassle free switch could save you.

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