Boiler maintenance in summer

Everything you need to know

Boiler maintenance in summer might be the last thing on your mind during those lovely hot days, but it’s actually a good time to prepare for the cooler winter months. Muggy mornings and sweltering heats might even mean that you’re using more warm water than any other time of year. So here’s our suggestions for getting the most out of your boiler during the summer, and making sure you’re not left out in the cold when winter hits.

1. Beat the rush.

Every year, your boiler will need to be serviced. Instead of waiting for peak season – when everyone is putting their boiler back on after a long, hot summer, get it booked in now. While engineers aren’t so busy.

2. Bleed your radiators. 

Be prepared. There’s nothing worse than putting your heating back on in October and realising your radiators aren’t working properly. So, keep calm and bleed your radiators now.

3. Check your boiler pressure

Heating problems or low water flow can be caused by your boiler pressure being low. Don’t let the pressure get to you though – it’s easy to check, and it’s best to do it before it gets too cold. The best way to check if the pressure is low is to look at the pressure gauge on the front of your boiler. If it’s 0.5 bar or less, you’ll need to repressurise the system.

4. Put the heating on for a few minutes

It might sound crazy to put your heating on during the summer, but it makes perfect sense as part of a considered boiler maintenance routine. Putting the central heating on occasionally during the summer (for a few minutes) will help prevent your system from seizing up. And will also prevent problems in the colder months, when you’ll need your heating the most!

5. Save the planet, energy and money!

Did you know that heating accounts for about 55% of what we spend on our energy bills annually? So, if you have an outdated or generally inefficient boiler, you could be spending more than you need to on your yearly bill. And in the summer months, people often take longer and more frequent showers, so there’s an opportunity to save money on your bills.

Looking to replace your boiler during the summer months will mean you’re setting yourself up for savings during the rest of the year. And it will be easier to find an installation appointment as engineers tend to have more availability during the warmer months.

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