Boiler Black Friday

Black Friday is originally an American retail holiday that marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping period.

Like many American things, it has made its way across the Atlantic and now finds itself on the windswept shores of the UK.

Many of our largest and most loved retailers will take this opportunity to sink prices to unbelievable lows. They will try to get you on a little shopping spree before the Christmas rush begins. It makes sense to take full advantage of this opportunity. However, rather than getting a 32 inch TV to replace your 29 inch TV, or a power drill that will do little other than collect dust.

Why not invest in a brand new boiler?

We know it’s not the first thing you would think about getting on Black Friday. However, if you think about it, it makes complete sense.

G-rated boilers

Around 4.5 million homes in the UK are heated by low efficiency, or G-rated boiler. Boilers which will have an output of around 60%, meaning that around 40p of every £1 you use to heat your home is needlessly thrown away. This can end up costing you £570 every single year.

Now imagine how much more you could buy next Black Friday with an extra £570 lining your pocket.

This Friday and next Monday we will be selling two of our most popular, high efficiency boiler models. Furthermore, pay nothing for the first 6 months!

So why not break away from the crowd? Make savings on something that will keep you saving for years to come. Furthermore, have £350 more in your pocket every year. Surely that’s better than a slightly bigger television?

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