Best Landlord Boiler Cover CP12

Most landlords dread "the boiler is broken" call for good reasons, as repairing a broken boiler can be a headache.

Heating engineers can charge 60 pounds an hour for call-out charges and as much as 350 pounds for replacing heat exchangers. But all this will depend on whether the landlord can find a qualified engineer in the shortest time possible. The longer it takes to find one, the longer tenants will stay without hot water and heating.

What Could Go Wrong?

A 2006 study by Which? discovered that approximately one in three boilers that are 6 years+ tend to develop some kind of fault that needs repair. The average cost of repair is roughly 200 pounds with the most common issues being:

  • Water leaks from the boiler
  • Boiler switching itself off
  • Built-in boiler control problems
  • Control panel errors
  • Water leaks from the condensate pipes.

What is Boiler Insurance?

A boiler insurance or boiler servicing contract is a policy which consists of monthly and annual payments. It guarantees you the cost of repair incase the boiler breaks down under cover. You can choose to add it to your landlord insurance or take it out as a separate cover. Some insurance policies also have an annual boiler service and Gas Safety Inspection which is a legal requirement that must be fulfilled each year.

It’s important to read the details carefully as conditions and restrictions differ. Some policies don’t cover boilers that are over 15 years, while it’s 7 years for condensing boilers. Some policies will even exclude cover in certain building types such as units in an apartment block.

What to Look For in a Boiler Cover

  • Landlords should confirm if there are checks on call outs
  • What is the call out window?
  • Find out the actual spare parts and labour covered
  • Confirm if there are guarantees on repair
  • Will the plumbers respond to your request swiftly?

Available Insurance Cover

The three main ways to insure your boiler include:

  1. Boiler only – This covers the boiler and its controls. Despite its lower cost, it doesn’t cover repairs to your pipes or radiators.
  2. Boiler and central heating – This covers your central heating system which includes pipes, radiators, and central heating pumps. This option is costlier but offers the best cover for your boiler and heating.
  3. Home emergency – This is the cheapest cover and offers a wider coverage for your property. However, claims are limited to 500 pounds which is sufficient enough cover minor repairs.

Best Insurance Providers

A Which? survey of boiler insurance found that the best cover a landlord can get is from their local boiler installation company.

Hassle Free Boilers comprehensive “Direct To Tenant” is the best low-cost alternative in the market. Our unique cover can even provide landlords with a new boiler and top it up with a free cover for life for the boiler.

Additionally, the boiler maintenance and service contract provides cover for all your property from as low as 20 pounds per month. Never buy a cheap boiler as the ultimate cost for cheap is expensive repairs and maintenance.

What is CP12?

CP12 refers to gas safety records that used to be known as CORGI Proforma 12, and dates back to when CORGI were the main UK body for gas safety matters. However, the ceased to be used in 2009 and Landlords’ Gas Safety certificate is used instead.

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