B&Q Partnership

Hassle Free Boilers and B&Q Partnership Brings You a Truly “Hassle Free” Experience

Are you in search for a new boiler but have no clue where to start?

Well, you could just purchase a new boiler from any of the cheap brands available, or from a warehouse. The major disadvantage of these choices will be that you will probably be left with a less than reliable boiler with cheap components and also lose out of an extended guarantee.

The best way to purchase a new boiler in the UK is through a specialist company who only employ accredited boiler installers. This will not only save you a lot of money in the long term, but will also grant you access to reliable services if you do ever run into  problems with your new boiler. We are pleased to announce that Hassle Free Boilers and B&Q, two companies with vast experience in boiler installation in the UK, have joined hands to provide residents with a trustworthy and reliable service and the best top rated boiler brands available in the market.

Partnership with B&Q

Hassle Free Boilers recently announced their partnership with B&Q, one of UK’s leading home improvement and garden living retailers that have been providing home improvement products and services to the UK market since 1969.

B&Q is a leading home improvement retailer in the UK who have over 40,000 products in 300 retail stores across the country. B&Q is now offering a wide range of boiler systems from some of the UK’s top boiler brands, while Hassle Free Boilers are going to provide the services of their fully qualified and approved engineers for boiler installations providing homeowners with complete peace of mind.

B&Q System Range

The product teams take a great deal of time and care to research and source the very best products. They only choose the leading manufacturers who are best in class.

Using The Right Installer

Since a boiler provides an extremely important function in any UK home it should not be difficult to find a boiler installer near your home. Professional boiler installers such as Hassle Free Boilers offer expert boiler installation services and cover on pay monthly no deposit basis which is at a fraction of the price of other service providers. In partnership with B&Q, Hassle Free Boilers are now offering their boiler installation service nationwide. The best part of this partnership between these two companies is that while B&Q provides you with the best in quality with their line of energy efficient boilers, while Hassle Free Boilers provide you with Gas Safe registered boiler installers who are based near you.

Now, you can get access to great prices, dependability when it comes to boilers and boiler installation in the UK. Whatever boiler size you are looking for, you are sure to find it at B&Q.

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