10 easy home improvements for 2018

As is the tradition, we’re all welcoming the new year with a “new year, new me” mentality and endless lists of promises, resolutions and dry Januarys that we probably won’t keep to.

Fear not, there’s a far more painless way of introducing change into your everyday life. Rather than dragging yourself to the gym or cutting out those chocolates you really enjoy, why not try one of these quick and easy ways of redecorating your home, that sort of counts as a new years resolution, right?

Enhance your entrance:

First things first: first impressions matter, investing in a new door can instantly make your home a more welcoming place to step into. If Christmas has left you a little light on cash and you would rather not splash on a brand new door you can just as easily repaint your current door. You will be surprised how much of a difference it can make.

ut dimmers on the lights:

Add an element of the suave and mysterious to your home by using dimmer lights. You can use standard incandescent bulbs, but if you prefer fluorescent light, look for special dimmable bulbs.

Don’t neglect any wall space:

Any space on your wall that is not adding to the feel of your room can be considered dead space. Adding decor such as open shelving gives you places to scatter extra colour around the room with decorative or meaningful objects. Try installing simple shelves in a symmetrical pattern, or moving your artwork from one room to another. Also adding a large mirror to the wall can help make the room feel a lot bigger too.

Replace shower heads and faucet on sinks:

A limescale covered shower head can be quite the bathroom eyesore, not only this but it can lead to lower shower pressure and wasted water. A faucet can be just as bad, although it won’t affect your water pressure, but changing either or both of these can bring a subtle new lease of life to any bathroom.

New crockery can change a kitchen:

Plates, dishes, cups and all other crockeries are ornaments too, so update them once in a while. It can really freshen up your kitchen.

Ceilings can be a very decorative aspect:

Give your ceiling a little spruce up by highlighting it with a splash of colour. Placing a ceiling medallion around a fan or light fixture is another way to add a little overhead flair.

Stairways are great for this too:

Add some panache to a staircase with a distinct railing or embellishment.

Replace an old appliance:

It’s not the cheapest way of fixing up your home. But if your dishwasher or fridge can remember when the spice girls were in the charts maybe it’s time to upgrade to a new, sleeker, shinier model. The appliances in our kitchen have become such a major part of our kitchen that changing a single appliance can give the whole kitchen a major facelift.

Change the colour scheme of your walls:

Self-adhesive wallpaper creates a cosy feeling and are super easy to apply, remove, and reuse. It works like a giant sticker. Peel the decorative paper off the backing and apply it to a primed and painted wall.

A Hassle Free Boiler:

Roughly 4.5 million homes in the UK are heated by boilers that are 10 years or older. What this means is that roughly 4.5 million homes are being heated by highly inefficient boilers. These boilers are extremely wasteful and, as such, could be costing homeowners up to £570 every year in wasted energy. Upgrading to a Hassle Free Boiler, which you can do at no upfront cost, can help you avoid this. Not only does it come at no upfront cost but could save you a lot of money in the long term. You know it makes sense.

After all:

Let’s be honest, which of the two boilers below would you rather have in your kitchen and heating your home? Find out more here.

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